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    Which tent would you choose, Idaho mule deer??

    How much wood is available above 11K? That's gotta be close to timberline or above right?
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    How many points for G this year?

    For clarification - every source told you last year's odds. All any of us can do is make an estimate of current year demand based on the last several years worth of data.
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    Arrow setup for 31" draw length

    I have a very similar setup, 30.5" draw with grip removed. Shooting (for now) easton axis 260's, 90gr inserts, and 125 gr heads. 589 total weight, shooting in the low-mid 260's Spine has been peachy for me, but I cut my arrows to a hair over 29" carbon to carbon. This has been totally fine with...
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    How bad is the glass on SWFA 3-15

    Been looking at the reviews on Mil-Quad reticles, SWFA in general, you name it... Is there a big problem with the glass on the 3-15? It seems like there must be some catch that I'm missing, as it gets nowhere near the attention the 6X, 3-9, or 5-20 gets. Anyone with input on what everyone...
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    Which tent would you choose, Idaho mule deer??

    I've got almost the exact same setup, just the Redcliff instead of the Cim. For me, the silex is fang near perfect for a lightweight shelter. It's a side entry, floorless, can be pitched right down to the ground, and weighs darn near nothing. That being said, if it's hunting season and...
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    Boise meet up

    I could be persuaded... easily 😂
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    WTT H1000, Varget, Retumbo

    Ditto on the H1000 8lb jug
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    Switching Brass - How much to back off?

    10% is what I've always heard, but 10% is YUGE. Even the nosler data for h1000 is only 5% off max loads for the min loads on a 210 RDF.
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    Switching Brass - How much to back off?

    This is a good point, anyone have book data for berger 215s? I know I'm waaaay past SAAMI COAL, but the only free load data I can find is for a 220 Sierra or a 210 Nosler RDF. (both of which 10% off my load would be under their minimum loads)
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    Wall tent for family camping?

    No kids, just a wife and a dog, so take that for what it's worth. We have a 10x12 and a 14x16 that we take, but rarely take the 14x16, as it's just the two of us. We use a queen air mattress as the two cot idea is a definite non-starter for my wife. Setup with the galvanized frame solo is...
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    Switching Brass - How much to back off?

    Going to be switching from Federal (fired factory rounds I just kept using) to Peterson (long) brass in my 300wm. Shooting H1000 and Berger 215's. How much would you back off from your known load to begin working up a load with the new brass? The internet consensus seems to be that Peterson...
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    Lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink

    Just making sure I'm all caught up here... You told your wife "do your own research" then criticized her choice? You compared your wife to a... horse? And you did all of this, sharing the story on the internet, on a public forum? And I thought I lived dangerously.
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    Anyone have an Optics Planet discount code?

    Just open an incognito window, use a throwaway gmail and get their 10% off for new customers code.
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    Recommended online ammo websites

    Payment options are a quick one. If zelle, cash app are the only payment methods.... it's a scam. Plenty of 2A friendly merchant processors out there, no need for the methods that give the buyer no recourse.
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    New Resident to Boise, no buddies...looking to find likeminded backcountry folks.

    Yep, I hit the lake off greenhurst on pack hikes all the time, only like 5 min away (Middleton and lake lowell) It's only an addiction if you want it to stop right? Right? 😬