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    Help needed Looking for good socks

    Darn tough 25% off at scheels thru tomorrow 16th. Free shipping over $50
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    Darn tough 25% off @ scheels

    Free shipping over $50 Ends 16th
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    Backcountry e bike Mule looking for input

    Yeah I'd already have one if they were $500
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    Glassing pad

    Double as a pillow. So simple never would of thought of it.
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    Glassing pad

    I wouldn't use inflatable. Those are for park benches. A good foam one of any kind. Camofire has had a z lite wanna be for cheap. But its about the same included shipping if you dont need anything else. I only take a chair when I'm hunting a known spot where I plan on sitting all day. Not sure...
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    CNOC Vecto 3L water bag

    My dream bag. Another member mention it a couple months ago and I ordered instantly. Good point out on the tethers. Have even used mine and I might b ordering another.
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    Iron Will Knife & Broadhead Giveaway

    Kool Aid
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    LR Rookie's Race to 1000

    Off to a great start. Glad to see someone just jump into it. I was intimidated for years. Best thing I ever did was to just do it.
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    WTS Garage Sale.

    Buy stuff.
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    WTS Rpr 243

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    Cardio vs Strength Training

    It not one or the other you need to do both. Just like eating. Balanced and rounded.
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    2019 Cold Bow Challenge Question/Comment Thread

    Dang spring was busy this year. I missed this completely.
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    Iron Will Knife & Broadhead Giveaway

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    Coffee !!!!!

    I think I may have said this earlier in the thread. Cant remember But you can buy the little tea bags empty on Amazon. I'm gonna make my own tea bag style with black rifle.
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    Who has had to use their "backup" pistol?

    I got chased by a hawk for like 2 miles. Dive bombing me in the head. It was ridiculous. I didn't lite off the 44 but mostly cause I knew I couldn't hit it. I also came face to face with a black bear about 15-20 ft in dark in a creek bottom. That was pretty scary. I didn't shoot cause it...