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    Luke Here from Eastmans'

    How do you think they make bologna?
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    BlackOvis custom arrows

    Your nocks are glued in?
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    $500 bucks to blow - what are you buying?

    If you don't need anything specific I'd probably use the money to buy a bunch of dehydrated meals from Peak or whatever you like the most. I'd personally put the money towards some new boots because that's what I need this year!
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    NW Montana

    I think you will shocked with the amount of liberals in this part of the state, most of whom came here from the west coast. Whitefish in particular has a disturbing amount of Biden supporters. Sent from my SM-G998U1 using Tapatalk
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    Stupid arrow weight question

    total arrow weight including all components. Sent from my SM-G998U1 using Tapatalk
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    Back to work Vax status

    Are you a union shop? None of my buddies in unions have had anyone say a word about the vax from their companies regardless of size.
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    Have you ever got into an argument elk hunting?

    The only person I've had an argument with is my dad in the last few years. He's at the point where he can't really get around too well anymore (hip replacements and all) and I think he gets frustrated and takes that out on me from time to time. Whenever I talk about hiking around to find elk...
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    Sig Cross Hype

    Correct, it's an AR-10, not a bolt gun.
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    Anybody want to help me pick a cerakote for my new rifle???

    Yeah, pretty amazing! I certainly gave him a hearty handshake and a sincere thank you! I also made a pretty significant donation to the organization and am now a sustaining member.
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    Anybody want to help me pick a cerakote for my new rifle???

    Finally got the rifle package in my grubby little hands! I went with Kuiu camo because I think it looks cool! Thanks for the suggestions from everyone even though I didn't listen to any of you! The full package included a custom leather sling and a scope and mounting package from Arken Optics.
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    Great EXO podcast

    Do they address why they don't sell their Berry-compliant packs to the general public? I've asked them that question a couple of times on here and they haven't responded.
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    Is this Kryptek Sheep hunt film satire?

    And what about the gender-queers? This isn't inclusive AT ALL!!! I'm offended SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!!!
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    It's happening again!

    Fair point. It's like these people won't be happy until no one is ever sick with anything ever again regardless of how mild the illness is.
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    It's happening again!

    I was talking to a couple of firearms-industry guys last night and they both pulled their companies out of SHOT show this year. They said there is no point...bad attendance due to the Rona and they already have more business than they can handle so there is no upside for them at all.
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    It's happening again!

    No avoiding seasonal colds either, but we don't shut the country down for them.