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    243 to 6 Creedmoor - Would you make the switch?

    A lot of good intell right here, thank you for sharing that...
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    I need a new prairie rifle

    A Tikka T3x in 6.5 or 7/08 and a SWFA 6x will total up to around $900-$1000... Then buy $500 worth of ammo for it and shoot the shit out of it.. Then laugh at your friends who spent $4k on their
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    Sorting Brass question for seasoned LR reloaders

    So. I have never done much sorting of brass by weight but now that I have gotten into shooting longer range I figured I'd start.. A couple things... I know Hornady brass is not the best but I have 460 rounds (once fired factory) and it's what I've got so I figure if It works for a few loadings...
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    Easing someone into shooting

    I'd like to add onto my original post and say you gotta make it fun with new shooters.. Obviously teaching them safety is the first thing but once you get that don't try and push too much info on them too quickly.. Let them have fun and send some lead downrange... Also another thing that makes...
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    Easing someone into shooting

    A 10/22 with a 4x scope is a fun way to introduce new shooters..
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    Loaded rounds wont chamber??

    Getting some tools that allow you to measure off of the bullets ojive and to the lands would be a valuable investment.. Measuring COAL allows to many variables.
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    Can't get 120 TTSX's to shoot

    Run up the powder charge .5 grains at a time until you see pressure signs... My 270 WSM likes the TTSX HOT... Like 3560fps hot....
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    Accurate 243 hunting rifle

    If your groups are near 1" now then realistically you are probably good to go at 400.. Shoot 5 rounds @ 400 and see what you get..
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    "Tikka's just don't shoot good" - Gunwerks podcast

    @Ryan Avery I fixed it for you lol.... On a serious note, we have 3 in our safe and they all shoot really good.. We'll probably have 2 more to add this year..
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    **BEWARE** Gunware Rifles **BEWARE**

    Sorting things out in person is usually the best option...
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    WTS Scammer Alert Jakexslide

    He didn't but his friend did.....
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    H4350, Varget H1000 in stock at Bruno's

    Thank you!
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    Lever Action Hunters

    I wouldn't scope it.. I'd put a Williams peep on it and shoot the shit out of it.. But that's just me..
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    **BEWARE** Gunware Rifles **BEWARE**

    As a contractor I learned the value of written and signed contracts.. Shitty deal for sure but a good lesson.. Look at it this way, most if not all (I don't know anything about website design) that was lost was just your time.. It REALLY hurts when you lose time, material and wages you payed to...
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    Cerakote Pics

    If you have Instagram go to search and type #cerakote ... and possibly the colors you're interested in..