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    Planned hunt with new baby coming

    It was a joke about her kicking me out. Sorry if you have had a bad experience but you need to chill out about calling me and some of us childish, grow up, or not being a good husband or father. I take very good care of my household. You have no idea who I am or what I actually do for my family...
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    Planned hunt with new baby coming

    I have 3 kids. 10, 7, 4 years. I went elk hunting the day after we got home from the hospital with our first. My wife basically kicked me out of the house to go. I put that hunt off for two weeks because of the due date. Everything was fine so she told me to get out cause I was driving her...
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    Fletching Question

    Buy bare shaft and fletch them yourself. I like my fmj’s but I shoot the 5mm instead. With that said, I’m actually switching everything over to 5mm axis. At least for my longbow. I shoot Easton Hexx arrows off my compound.
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    Pink salt for pastrami

    If you want to speed up your brining process and not have any uncured sots in the meat then you need to inject it and then brine. You only need to brine for about 24-36 hours if you do a 20% pump. Also, if the nitrites and nitrates scare you then you can use celery powder or cherry powder for...
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    Pellet smoker problems

    I just cooked pizza on my camp chef tonight. It was amazing. Hit target temp of 375 easily and maintained it well. It was 38 degrees outside. When it was I done I wanted to see what it would do and got it to 425 pretty fast and it maintained it well. I know it would go higher just fine
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    Storing grinding knives and plates

    I use white mineral oil on a lot of my equipment. Even on my sharpening stones.
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    Pellet smoker problems

    I bought a camp chef woodwind Wi-Fi 36 and have really enjoyed it. Smokes great and have had no issues grilling. The only hard part is when it’s really cold outside but camp chef makes an insulated cover that goes over the lid to fix this problem. It’s also recommended to keep the adjustable cap...
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    Meindl Vakuum Hunters

    I have an older pair of Cabela’s Meindl hikers that I have had for about 12 years. I only wear them on hunting or camping trips. They are still going strong. I do take care of them well with cleaning and waxing. I will be ordering a new pair of Meindl’s soon.
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    Breaking in shooting tabs

    I use a shatterproof archery 3 under. Trim it to fit my fingers before I even start to shoot with it.
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    Sealing burger bags?

    I’ve used a simple tape machine for over 25 years now in a commercial meat processing plant. Keep your bags dry, squeeze the meat down into the bag, twist the bag and then tape.
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    Stone Glacier bought by Vista Outdoors

    Interesting to see how many companies Vista Outdoors actually owns. I didn’t know they owned CampChef. I just bought a Woodwind Wi-Fi 36 pellet grill. Hope they continue to make great products and this allows them to expand and grow for the better.
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    Meat Processing Pt 1 - In the Field, At the House

    There was a lot of good info in that podcast! I’ve been a commercial processor for a little over 30 years now and started processing when I was a kid as well. I agree with everything Lea said plus could add in some other pointers that I’m sure she already knows. Great job!
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    Easton HIT brass install tips

    I use the tool Iron Will sells. I like it quite a bit mostly because I use low temp hot melt glue. The glue holds incredibly well and super easy to take an insert out.
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    Any one tie flies?

    I’ve been tying for about 26 years now. I don’t make very elaborate flies. I stick to what I use the most on the waters I fish the most. My best ones will never be found in a fly shop because I made them up myself based on bugs I have seen and bugs I have pumped out of a trouts stomach.
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    Bear - Brine Necessary?

    Inject it and brine overnight. Use the pink cure salt in your injection and it will spread everywhere and accelerate the process. I do this on hams and bacon on a weekly basis. Use whatever flavor you want in your injection, just be sure to add the curing salt to it. Whatever is leftover, use...