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    Camo Stock for Savage?

    DIY rattle can camo! Cheap, easy, looks legit.
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    Used Hobart vs. New LEM

    only three deer a year, #8 LEM would be plenty. I only do 1-2, but have never wanted more out of my grinder. I had wanted the #12, but the #8 was on sale, so it was significantly cheaper. I don’t regret the #8 in the slightest. Doing the grinds is by far the quickest part of my processing.
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    Switching to shooting a rifle right handed.

    Shoot with your dominate eye! If you need motivation to shoot a right hand bolt gun left hand, watch the sniper scenes from Saving Private Ryan.
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    Used Hobart vs. New LEM

    Never used a hobart, but I have a .5hp #8 LEM. It has exceeded my expectations. I can’t feed it fast enough. Accessories are another thing to consider. LEM makes a lot of attachments for their grinders.
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    Best knife for game

    Mora and victorinox are my go to. Lightweight, cheap, hold an edge, and easy to sharpen. I have way more expensive knives that don’t get used. Most are heavy and hard to sharpen. You can get a mora for $15. I don’t know of anyone who has regretted buying one. There’s no reason not to give them...
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    Who makes a lightweight, slightly insulated waterproof glove?

    Ive had really good luck with these. Warmer than they should be for how thin they are. Not 100% waterproof, good enough for rain, they do breath.
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    Antler dog bones, problem

    Well, shit. My dog just got an elk antler chew yesterday from my brother.
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    <$800 rifle

    Just to be “that guy” browning doesn’t make any firearms. Miroku in Japan make the X bolt. Miroku does make damn nice guns though.
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    Lightweight Affordable Rifle

    Any pictures of how you did the arrow shaft?
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    Lightweight Affordable Rifle

    Kimber hunter. Pull the 8-10oz of gel out of the stock and you got a 5lb rifle. Add a light weight scope and you’ll be around 6lbs
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    Winchester Model 70

    Weigh your stock, and weigh your scope.
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    Your favorite flask

    This. Holds a decent amount, wide mouth easy to fill.
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    What's your Whitetail snack of choice!

    Y’all having picnics in the woods! I eat before I go. Don’t drink much before hand, especially not coffee. I really don’t enjoy needing to take a piss when I’m wearing 3-4 layers of clothes and it’s cold out.
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    Kimber 84m

    You did good on that deal! I think kimbers are a great value. Most of the difference between the hunter and the higher end models is the stock. The ascent has some extra machining on the bolt and barrel, but it’s the same action bolt and barrel. There’s some gell in the butt stock and pistol...
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    What's a Good Mobile Tree Stand Setup?

    Been using a Aerohunter Kestrel for a couple years now. Surprisingly comfortable! You can’t beat a saddle for weight savings. It does take a while to get used to the system and figure out how to get comfortable. If you must go with a traditional stand, LW is the answer.