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    <$800 rifle

    Along with the already mentioned Tika, and Ruger American, look at the Kimber hunter.
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    Knee Pad Recommendations?

    I was issued those military knee pads. Not even in the same league as the arc’teryx ones I’m running now. Those were huge, bulky, hot, don’t stay in place well, and feel restrictive. I really don’t know how the arc’teryx one work so well, but they do. They do a way better job of comfortably...
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    Knee Pad Recommendations?

    Arc’teryx. Work really well, stay in place, and made in Canada not China.
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    Making my .308 better

    Those Americans are a great gun for the money. Couple good cheap mods; Have the barrel cut and recrowned. 2-4” off, save a small bit of weight, possibly improve accuracy, and shouldn’t lose much velocity. Spray paint camo! always gives a gun a nice purpose built look.
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    German wirehaired pointer breeder

    I’m one who believes that DDs and GWPs are not the same breed. They’re not interchangeable. What are you looking to do with the dog? DDs tend to be a truly versatile dog, and not specialized in any one aspect. They are fur sharp, which a lot of people don’t have a need for. GWPs have deviated...
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    Marine corps grunts

    Rah 0351 08-16
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    Flying with a backpack

    Good to hear. I just bought a goshawk and plan to carry on often. I was considering cutting 2” off the frame and bring the extensions.
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    Do it all lightweight backcountry hunting knife

    Really hard to beat a Mora for weight, price, and performance.
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    Work boots

    Which redwings did you try? They’re not all created equal. I buy the #2406. I can get several years out of them.
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    SKRE Gear Founder

    I’ve been checking out the site skre line up. Looks quality. I’d like to see some solid color options.
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    Electricians and Motörhead’s needed!

    A buddy and I are working on the same project. So far we have a 9” fan off of amazon. And a pulse width modulator (pwm) for speed control. The pwm should allow less power consumption than a potentiometer at lower speeds. We’re working on a baffle, as the fan does not seem to move much air...
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    Fishing setup

    I have the president in 20. Great bang for the buck, lightweight reel. For $50, I think you’d have to spend twice as much to find a noticeably better reel.
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    Looking for a do it all pant

    this sounds promising, I’ve heard the attack pants don’t hold up well to that type of use.
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    Has anyone missed a shot opportunity because of a slider sight?

    If someone misses a shot it’s not because of the sight. User error. It happens with fixed multi pin sights too.
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    What wouldnt you shoot in NA with a .308 inside 400yds?

    I was recently in the market for a lightweight rifle. I already had one .308, so that was my initial choice. I’ve always thought .308 was “adequate.” Then I started thinking, why settle for adequate, and get something that would offer more performance. I looked at ballistic charts for probably 2...