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    Broadhead tuning sucks

    OP, I haven’t read the whole thread and it may have been mentioned but if you’re shooting a 3 fletch then try 4. It helped me with my BH tuning
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    Opinions on the Fast Eddie XL double pin sight ??

    I really like mine and would highly recommend it.
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    Iron Will Knife & Broadhead Giveaway - Winner Announced!

    I would love to try an Ironwill broad head out on a Nevada mule deer out this year
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    Thumb from a index finger

    I made the switch from a Scott index finger release to a Carter Wise Choice this spring. I love it and can’t see myself going back to an index. I plan on hunting with and don’t believe it will be a disadvantage at all to hunt with.
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    Zeiss Conquest Eyecup issue?

    I had an issue with an eyecup on the pair I purchased in 2012. When adjusting the eyepiece it would want to un-thread itself. I sent them back and haven’t had an issue since. I also think they are a great piece of glass for the money.
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    Norma brass dimensions?

    Yes, that is normal. I’ve seen it with a few brass manufacturers where the new length was shorter than the trim too length. I’d trim them all so they are the same, chamfer and deburr then load them up. They’ll lengthen after firing.
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    Heat Vanes with Fixed Blade

    I run the heat vanes in a 4 fletch configuration and love them. Durable, low profile, and quieter than blazers. That being said the fixed blade broadhead I use is fairly low profile (shuttle-t’s). I would recommend them though
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    New to Bow Shopping - Which Elk Bow?

    I damaged both limbs on my previous Mathews bow by falling in some shale on a hunt. I went through my archery shop and they had new limbs shipped out and replaced in less than a week at no cost to me. This was during archery season. I was impressed.
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    Understanding Proper Peep sight alignment and set up

    I think so. I set it up following Spot Hogg’s instructions and then a pro shop said they double checked it and said it was good.
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    Understanding Proper Peep sight alignment and set up

    Phil, I have been trying to match my peep to my sight housing but something is off. I tend to see the majority of one side of my sight housing (the right side) and none of the other. I cannot get them aligned. I am shooting a fast Eddie xl fully extended with currently a 1/4” peep. I also tried...
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    Static Electricity in speed loader

    Has anyone else ever experienced stactic electricity in their speed loaders? I went to reload using Blackhorn 209 this fall utilizing a speed loader and saw what seemed like a good amount of powder sticking to the inside of the tube on the speed loader. It’s hard to say how much was really stuck...
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    Donor action length

    I have a Remington 700 varmint rifle chambered in .204. I was considering using the action as a donor and having a gunsmith re-barrel the rifle in 6 or 6.5 Creedmoor, something I could still hunt coyotes but also use for deer and antelope. A short action round though. My question is, is the...
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    Sight housing/peep alignment

    I have a hard time aligning all of my sight housing within my peep. I feel like I can never truly see all of the left side of my sight housing within my peep, but plenty of the right. I went up from a 3/16” peep to 1/4”, shoot a Spott Hogg Fast Eddie XL adjusted all the way out and shoot both...
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    Knight Ultralight questions

    I purchased the Ultralight Western ready, set up for #11 per cushion caps. The rifle came with a breech plug tool, to remove the plug. I then purchased the 209 conversion kit for it. When I removed the old breech plug (for #11 caps) and try to install the new plug (for 209 primers) the breech...
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    Knight Ultralight breech plug

    I just purchased a Knight Ultralight for an upcoming Nevada mule deer hunt. The rifle I purchased was the Western version which i believe is only suitable for #11 caps. Because they are legal in Nevada I would like to use 209 primers and Blackhorn 209 powder which from the little bit of research...