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    WTS MDT/Brownells Remington 700 LA Chassis - FDE

    Hello all, I'm selling a LNIB Brownells MDT Chassis for a Remington 700 Long Action in Flat Dark Earth. I would list it as brand new, but I did take it out of the box and screw a bare action into it to see how I liked it. It's a very slick setup, but I've decided to go with a lighter...
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    WTS Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44 PA and Nightforce Remington 700 LA Mount

    Hello all, I've got a LNIB Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44. I bought this from MidwayUSA a little over a year ago, mounted it on a 6.5x55 for one trip to the range, decided I wanted to change directions towards a lighter hunting scope, and it's been sitting in the box ever since. $300 shipped. I...
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    Ruger Gunsite Scout

    I’ve got one in 5.56 and one in 6.5CM, both with conventional scopes and KeyMo flash hiders for a Sandman suppressor. I love shooting and carrying both, and have found them to be quite accurate. The perceived volume to the shooter with a can is also a lot quieter than an AR with a can.
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    CPW: Secondary Draw List?

    Drew the bear tag I wanted in my pocket for scouting my mule deer tag.
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    Flying out on a Muzzy hunt??? Powder??

    Load into brass cased ammo for your checked luggage. Put a bullet puller hammer in your carry-on.
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    Cam Hanes

    Hears unverified rumor from unnamed person. Is disappointed. Decides not to actually verify, but instead to spread unverified rumor and disappointment to the world so the cycle can repeat itself. ^This is what’s wrong with our country.
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    Where to buy a 7x57 Mauser

    I’ve got 640/1640 husky’s in .220 Swift, 6.5x55, .270 Win, .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, and 9.3x62. I’ll snag a 7x57 one of these days. Really want one in .358 Norma Mag also. Several of those came from Simpsons. I’d buy one from there again in a heartbeat. Great guys to deal with.
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    Where to buy a 7x57 Mauser

    I killed my first buck nearly 15 years ago with a Chilean 1895 sporter in 7x57. It was an 1895 block production that was later very nicely sporterized in the 1950s by an old gunsmith back home. I purchased it and a very nice Swedish sporter as he was cleaning out his collection. 7x57 is a great...
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    Point Creep - is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

    I agree with you. It's discouraging to see some in here (not implying at all that you're one of them) so quick to start slinging poo at others who disagree with a different way of doing a completely optional thing. That's not the kind of rhetoric that changes anyone's mind or introduces any...
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    Point Creep - is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

    This thread isn't going to go anywhere. Lots of absolutism being bantered about to try and shame some who have different preferences into submission. It's almost like we have a federalist distribution regarding game animal harvest amongst the states who've decided to do things quite differently...
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    With the current status of raw material availability and workforce limbo, yes, that is too much to ask for. They are likely operating with a volume of orders that is unprecedented in their history, they aren't getting reasonable estimates of material availability from their suppliers, they're...
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    Getting Tags - Point Creep vs ???

    1. Must apply for a hunt code (no PP/BP code) 2. Full license cost if you don't draw your first choice and want a PP/BP 3. Only get a refund if you forfeit the PP/BP you would have earned 4. No applications for 3 years = forfeit point balance
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    Point Creep - is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

    That's very non-California of them. In all seriousness, your idea to split between point/non-point draw percentages is a good solution. Unfortunately that is already in place for a lot of states, and it doesn't seem to most on here any happier.