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  • Pretty firm for right now honestly. I'm not really strapped for cash so I don't really have a reason to sell quickly for less. I'd be interested in trades. If you have any other Kifaru gear, namely a slick bag, I'd consider. Would also be open to trade plus cash. Just let me know what you got.
    Sup Dude, No i just had these 2. Ill ship it to you for 65 tyd today if you want the 223. thx Ill also trade for ammo. I shoot .223, .308. 30-06, 300wsm, 6.5cm, 30-30,
    Have been thinking more about this actually it really is unneccesarily huge for me. But trying to sell and downsize kinda or get a smaller pack and some money I think. Did you want the frame and pouches etc. Or just pack bag
    I'm not entirely opposed to it. But I need a pack still, it's in real good shape and I'd want essentially what it's worth new since I'd subsequently need to replace it. So, I'm not sure if you'd rather just buy it from the source. I offered that trade since its smaller than the fulcrum, so figured they might be into it and I wouldn't be against a different configurations. Though, realistically fulcrum would probably be big for my purposes too, it's a design where the main bag looks to be easier to kinda compress and put away most of the time and pull out when I have tons of shit to move.
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