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    Leatherman favorites

    i always carry my bino harness (basically a chest rig) for literally any outdoor activity, and a Leatherman product has lived in it for a decade. Started with a Wave, and really just never used the additional tools. Switched to carrying a Skeletool CX, and have been happy with the switch. From a...
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    How Much PTO Do You Have?

    I have unlimited PTO. Salaried, 5 years in a large corporate healthcare company. Unlimited PTO was tied to achieving a certain seniority status, not necessarily years on the job. My wife was very excited when she found out I had unlimited PTO. I did my best not to laugh and explained to her...
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    Truth not allowed here

    My mind immediately came up with a dozen inappropriate double entendres involving firearms, but in the interest of not getting kicked off the forum I’ll leave it alone 😂
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    Truth not allowed here

    Not another “is my 6.5 adequate?” thread…
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    Sold Kuiu Yukon Gaiters - Valo

    This item has been sold. Thank you @ZMax62 for a smooth transaction!
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    Sleeping in Puffy Layers without a sleeping bag

    Once it gets cold, I pretty much always sleep in my synthetic puffy inside my bag. On trips where I know it will be really cold or will require a lot of sitting for extended hours, the synthetic puffy pants come along I’ll wear them in the sleeping bag as well. They definitely add a boost of...
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    Sold Kuiu Yukon Gaiters - Valo

    PM responded to, thanks!
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    Sold Kuiu Yukon Gaiters - Valo

    Brand new Kuiu Yukon gaiters, Size XXL, in Valo pattern. Per Kuiu sizing guide, these fit boot sizes 11 and up, and calf circumferences 18”+. $85 TYD. These are $99 retail. Thanks for looking, Cody
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    What's Your Non-Truck Hunting Rig?

    I have two non-truck rigs. 2005 Xterra is the go-to. Stock suspension fits Cooper AT3 33’s just fine. I did remove (fully unbolted) the back seats about five years ago, so it is a permanent 2-seater. Cuts down on free-loading buddies 😂. Removing the seats really opened a ton of space for...
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    CO Wolf on Film-Hush video

    Certainly. But that fact has gotten exponentially more attention in the past few years, so somewhat noteworthy of an insta-celebrity documenting one on film. Just curious if this is in the area where they have typically been reported, or somewhere new.
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    CO Wolf on Film-Hush video

    Not my typical cup of tea either, but when you are on day four of solo-parenting two babies under two (building collateral with the wife for fall 😂) , zombie mode takes over and you take what the YouTube gives you
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    CO Wolf on Film-Hush video

    Saw the Hush guys captured a wolf on film on a recently posted 4th season deer tag. Film was a little grainy, but certainly looked like a wolf to me (but I’m no expert, only have seen a few in the wild). Curious if anyone has an idea of what part of the state they were in? North park pack, or a...
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    Wolves back onto Endangered Species List. What does this mean for Colorado introduction efforts?

    Was wondering the same thing. It was mentioned on the local news this morning that it would likely delay the CO reintroduction timeline, but looking forward to hearing more specifics.
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    Is the stand alone GPS a thing of the past?

    While their popularity is certainly declining, I think stand-alone units will still find favor with a subset of outdoor enthusiasts for a while. My old Etrex 20 lives permanently (dummy corded in a side pocket) in my Bino harness. I do have OnX on my phone as well, and use them both in...
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    Raise your hand if you did not get an elk this season

    0-3 this year. A WY cow tag was my priority tag for the season and came with high hopes. Had several awesome encounters with nice bulls, but the cow herds had all settled into the low sage country (all private) earlier than normal this year. A leftover CO first rifle bull tag of course resulted...