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    Down bag storage question.

    Down bags just get stored in supplied bags from maker (not compression sack) in my place. No issues.
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    Here for the party!

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    Trekking poles

    I have them with me. Great item to have in the mountains.
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    Dads AZ strip buck

    I’ll just say WICKED!! 👍🏽
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    Howdy from the Front Range.

    Welcome to the site....
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    New from Ohio

    Welcome... I’ve got a buddy living in Medina.
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    New from idaho

    Welcome to the site....
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    FNG in Texas

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    Howdy from Oregon

    Welcome, have family in Bend.
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    New from AZ

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    Disabled daughter's first mule deer

    Very very cool. Congratulations.
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    Western washington

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    George in Idaho

    Welcome to the site.
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    Hey There

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    when would you use 8x42 binos?

    I run 8x42’s. I have run 10x in the past but I wanted a slight bit more FOV. If I’m definitely glassing distance I pack in my spotter. By the way, I have family in Calgary. Good luck on your choice!