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    How are your preparations coming along? You ready?!

    Went west last week for a scout, hikes and give camp gear a shakedown. Will go back for scouting 2 or 3 more times before archery opener. New tires on truck tomorrow, alignment Thursday. Time can get away from anyone. I’m happy to be retired and have time to take my time prepping. Spouse and I...
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    Best Tasting Water Bladder

    I use Camelbak bladders. I’ve replaced two bladders and I just clean and let dry, no funny taste ever.
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    FNG GA

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    Franktown FNG

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    Damn, all this time

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    This forum has cost me too much money

    Welcome to the site..
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    FNG Bighorn Sheep

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    FNG from Oregon

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    FNG SoCal from South Carolina

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    Texas Newbie

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    Central Oregon FNG

    Welcome, I have family in Bend.
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    Glad to be here

    Welcome to the site...
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    New Reloader 308 Win/7mm-08

    Use Varget in my 7mm-08 Use LT-32 and TAC in my 308
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    Fng in az

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    Made it to AZ

    Lived in Scottdale/Rio Verde area 28 years. Miss Arizona but not the summer heat. Wonderful hunting opportunities.....