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    Tripod Adaptor

    Have you looked at the triclawps?
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    Best Bang for buck Tripod

    I think the vanguard 264 AO is the best value. $140 with a pretty decent head and it gets up to 72". I have a couple of them but put the benro s2 heads on mine.
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    WTB Heavy old tripod

    Check out re use it shops like salvation army etc. They can be a gold mine.
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    NovaGrade coupon code?

    I broke down and paid full price.
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    Budget spotter

    IMO I would upgrade your binos and put off the spotter upgrade for now. You can upgrade your binos to viper 15s used for $400 and put $200 to something else, or get a used pair of kaibabs. The 18s in combo with your diamondbacks would be a good combo. I upgraded my 15s to meopta but still have...
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    Budget spotter

    Where in AZ are you? You can get a good deal on a used spotter with that budget. Viper hd works just fine. I had the 65mm until I upgraded to the kowa and it was sufficient. I assume You are already using a tripod with 15s?
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    Extra-Tall, Lightweight Tripod

    I thought I read that slick has an extension you can add for more height?
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    WTB Tripod Head

    Got a vanguard ph-113V, rated for 11 pounds I think. $50 shipped
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    Tripod recommendations

    For a great value budget spotter vanguard 264AO, I'm 6'2" and can stand with it. I'd like to know what carbon fiber ones are out there for a tall fella like myself.
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    Spotting scopes

    Theres a great deal in the classifieds right now, viper HD spotter that comes with a tripod.
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    Sold Optics Purge

    Those 264AO tripods are probably the best value out there, not great for backpacking but when your 6'2" nothing really is that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Throw a benro S2 on there and that's a solid set up.
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    What's your budget? You might be able to pick something up used that's a little better. Also look at getting refurbs at, they still come with the lifetime warranty. Also will you be using a tripod to glass off of?
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    Best Binocular Harness

    Anyone have experience with the one ive been seeing on camofire lately. Think it was ADAQ
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    WTB Swarovski 65mm

    I would also consider kowa 664, you can get a set up new for less than a swaro used 65mm