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    Keep hunting?

    I keep looking til I'm satisfied if it was dead I'd find it, then if I don't find it probably lived and keep hunting as long as it's legal.
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    Anyone been bit by a rattlesnake in back country?

    I've been scared of them my whole life. To an irrational, embarassing level. We don't have any where I live, last week I saw my first rattler on a MD hunt. It was almost 100 degrees and he was barely hanging on. I was 6 ft from him and he never acknowledged my presence. I'd like to say I...
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    Sounds like they don't want our money. I heard something a few weeks ago about them or Fedx can't remember who destroying packages from gun companies. Langley Outdoors had a video on it.
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    Why did you start hunting Trad?

    I started with trad then went to wheels and now back to trad. For me, it got to the point where I was hardly bowhunting. I enjoyed hunting with a rifle more than the compound, went full tard on trad last year and I like bowhunting again.
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    Dogs Dying in MI

    My dog had a similar thing over the winter. Puked up a bunch of blood, vet couldn't find anything. Ended up passing on it's own. Figured she ate something nasty when the snow melted. Hopefully, ends up being something like that. Really sucks when they're sick like that and they can't tell...
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    Dogs Dying in MI

    Dang, hope he's alright. My wife was reading about that yesterday.
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    Hill Style/ASL Longbows Anyone?

    I decided I couldn't live without one any longer lol. I just bought a straight limb longbow kit from bingham. The plan is build that one and get my feet wet with building glass bows and design a reverse handle for the next one.
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    Trad Strings

    I build my own flemish. It takes a couple tries to get it right, but once you got it a couple spools lasts a long time. This is a good how to <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media...
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    Hill Style/ASL Longbows Anyone?

    I'm pretty intrigued by them, might have to break down and build one. Been shooting a recurve cuz I shoot a lot like a compound, not sure if I wanna mess with it
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    Point of aim question

    I do the same, shoot straight up and down. Most of my misses are left, its always when I get lazy and I'm not aligning the string with the shaft...string aligned on the right side of my shaft (sight window side) puts me where I wanna be
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    How many people have been transitioning their hunting?

    I'll probably hunt bears more on mediocre tags when I can't draw out west, and transition to other regions of the country with otc tags.
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    South Dakota

    Thanks for the info. I've got two weeks and another tag, so if I tag out early I'll probably head there and buy the tag, since idk for sure if I'll get to it.
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    Building a new bow…

    Very nice. Do you use a bandsaw or router jig to cut those curves in the riser?
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    What’s your CC ?

    taurus 38 snubnose
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    Under rated whitetails

    I've had the same thought lately. My wife and I had a blast elk hunting last year, but with gas, draw odds and rising tag prices it seems hard to justify elk when you hunt deer a lot cheaper...but dang elk are cool