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    WTS Icebreaker Vest

    If you take PayPal I will take it. PM inbound
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    WTB First Lite Max-1 Chama Hoody

    I am looking for a Max-1 First Lite Chama Hoody, reasonably priced in good condition. XL or 2XL. Let me know what you have.
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    Salomon quest 4d 3 experiences

    Mine squeaked too. Turned out to be the laces they use. Replaced them with 550 cord and they are good to go now.
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    WTS Browning Backcountry and Plythal Scrapeline Pants

    The inseam measures exactly 32" from the crotch to the cuff. I usually wear a 38 x 32 or 38 x 34 depending on the pants. They cover down over the tops of my boots. The waist and butt are a little snugger than a true 38 due to Browning's hero fit, but I could definitely wear them. And they have...
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    WTS Browning Backcountry and Plythal Scrapeline Pants

    I have two pairs of Browning Speed Backcountry Pants in ATACS AU size 38 and 2 pairs of Plythal Scrapeline pants in digital forest size XL. All are new without tags, the tags were removed and they were placed in a storage bin. Browning Speed Backcountry both for $110 PP TYD in the lower 48...
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    WTS Skre gear

    Does the Ptarmigan jacket have a hood? What pattern is it?
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    Plythal Tops Sizing?

    Had experience with Plythal sizing on their shirts and Jackets? They seem like they are sized extremely small, 44"-45" chest for an XXL.
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    TOPS Scandi Woodsman for lightweight knife?

    Looking at picking up a lightweight knife for all around hunting use. I am looking at the TOPS Scandi Woodsman. Anyone have any field experience with this knife?
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    Anyone using a ghillie suit?

    I have the All Predator Calls leafy kill suit. Mostly just use the jacket when I am sitting a tree stand or brush blind. Its light weight and cool enough to wear on the hottest days. Also the leaves on the jacket do not interfere with me drawing my bow.
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    Single Pin vs Multi-Pin for Spot and Stalk Elk

    Single Pin Slider vs Multi-Pin for spot and stalk Elk in Arizona Unit 6a? Which does everyone prefer and why, pro's and con's of each?
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    WTS Cabela’s Instinct Euro 15x56 HD (Meopta)

    Sent a PM about the Binos.
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    Nomad hunting clothing

    I just got a pair of early season pants and a midweight 1/4 zip off camofire. Haven't got them into the field, but them seem well made and fit well. Not quite the same quality as Kuiu or Sitka but for the money I would recommend them.