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    Will a 3 point always be a 3 point?

    Thanks for the information.
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    Will a 3 point always be a 3 point?

    So how do you judge age on the hoof? Body size?
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    Will a 3 point always be a 3 point?

    We manage a hunting area with some big 3 point bucks. Some of the hunters who hunt this area feel like we need to be harvesting these 3 points as they will never be anything bigger than a 3 point. What's your take?
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    Follow Aron, Robby, and Ryan along at the SHOT show in Vegas this week.

    Show us what's new for the lady hunters!
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    SHOT Show: Eberlestock & Mystery Ranch

    Cool stuff Robby! Keep it coming.
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    Game on

    Thanks Darin!
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    17HMR or HMR Hornet?

    I'm a fan of the .17 HMR in the lever action. I love my .17 HMR Winchester model 94! Love it so much I picked up another one for the hubby. I also have it in a Henry which is fun to shoot but not of the same quality as the Winchester's. I'm afraid I'll never go back to the .22 caliber it's not...
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    Kenetrek boots?

    I've liked mine. I wouldn't say they fit perfect or are my last hunting boot. I hiked the first 50 miles without after market inserts and had some real sore feet and some hot spots. I expected that. I could never get the right boot to fit the way I wanted it so I tried the inserts. Now I have...
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    Horse it or not?

    IMHO Some of the pros are that the horses do the heavy work, you can cover a lot of country, you can have a luxurious camp, satisfaction in your partner (the horse), experience for you and your horse, an extra set of eyes and ears, and its just plain fun. Cons: it's a hell of a lot of work...
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    High Country Horseback Mule Deer Hunt

    Love this pic Robby! Great job!
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    2012 Utah General Season rifle last day success!!!

    Cool buck! Great job!
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    NV Buck

    Thanks for sharing your awesome experience. Great buck!
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    The Life and Times of Outfitters & Guides

    Best of luck to all of you.
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    High Country Horseback Mule Deer Hunt

    Enjoyed the video Robby! Thanks for posting.