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    CVA accura bipod options

    I put a post into my stock and use a Harris. Works like a charm.
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    Should I sell my CVA Accura V2 to buy 700 Remington ultimate muzzleloader?

    I have a V2 and love it. The advice to top it with a great scope is critical. Then just practice, practice, practice. I shoot mine to 250 and shoot 3.5 inch groups (which is good for me and I am sure not good enough for others). Again practice.
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    Torn.... which states?

    Colorado and Wyoming. Utah you'll never meet the creep.
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    LR Rookie's Race to 1000

    I picked up a Tikka 3x lite in 6.5 CM, Extreme Hardcore rail with built in level, and a leupold VX 3i 4.5-14 scope. Haven’t mounted the scope yet. Just picked up the rifle yesterday. Bought it from locked and loaded. $480 shipped.
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    WTS Warne Mountain Tech 30mm rings

    Are these still available?
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    Tikka build question

    Working on a tikka build now. I'd go with the PRC all day.
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    Vortex scope not quite what i thought?

    I am apparently in the minority but I have had great luck with Vortex scopes and rangefinders. FWIW
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    LR Rookie's Race to 1000

    In the middle of the same process as we speak. I wanted a dollar a yard and I'm into it about a grand goes 1000k yards. Thanks for the write-up.
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    Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24X50 with Zeiss precision Rings/Bubble level Pre-review

    Been waiting for this. Working on a long-ish range build and considering this scope.
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    Utah Uintas Rifle Elk Tactics

    Agree with Hondo, find where people aren't. Sometimes that means far from a road but in the Uintahs, that sometimes just means far from a trail.
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    Utah Elk Hunting

    Key is to get far off the road......FAR!!!
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    FNG from Utah

    You're screwed now. This site is addicting to say the least.
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    Utah Bound 2020

    Know a few of the units pretty well. PM if you have questions.
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    Member Vote Thread on 2019 Bull Elk Hunt Photo

    Some tough competition.
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    Scope Mounting & Leveling How To Video Posted

    Was needing this. Thanks