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    Chukar Gun

    I have a like-new Benelli 20 ga Ultra Light that I'm looking to sell (got in Jan. 2020)...have less than a box through it. I got it on a trade from a buddy, and I already have two 20s and a 16 that pull most of my upland duty. I have a Carlson extended light mod choke, 3 factory chokes, shims...
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    Mystery Ranch pintler

    I too have been looking hard at the Pintler and the Pop Up 28. Mostly for day hunts, at least at the current time. I've been seeing some negative reviews on the "looseness" of the Pop Up bag relative to the frame- I think posted on the MR website. Any comments on this from the folks that have...
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    Average shot distance on pronghorn.

    I've shot several over the years in WY. I'm fortunate to hunt some private land with irrigated fields....distance seems more like it's a function of terrain. In areas with some topography, I would expect you could get to 200 yds fairly regularly with a good stalk. In and around pancake flat...
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    Best down puffy. That's actually warm

    I've been really happy with a Patagonia Down Sweater. It works as mid layer or outer layer. I have it in black so it works around town and for fishing...without clearly looking like a camo/hunting piece.
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    Pod casts

    Elk Talk, Hunt Talk If you are into birds and dogs....On the Wing (Pheasants Forever), The Hunting Dog Podcast, Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast, Project Upland, and Sporting Dog Talk
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    Braggin Board for Fishing!

    Here's a pretty good bone caught over Thanksgiving despite some tropical storm/high winds in Cayman. The wide angle camera on the 11 Pro really makes "selfie" pics easy.
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    Braggin Board for Fishing!

    Here's a steelhead from the Kenai Peninsula (AK) fall 2019.
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    Will there be an elk season with coronavirus

    Colorado (CPW) is currently allowing and "encouraging" hunting and fishing, which is in accord with Govenor's Order. I don't expect much impact for resident hunters for the fall big game season...although the current 14-day "quarantines" in ND and WY could limit out of state opportunities if...
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    DIY Bird Dog Training Videos/Resources?

    You might check out Training the Pointing Lab by Julie Knutson. She also has an awesome podcast, "Training the Pointing Lab." While focused on pointing labs, a lot of the information is general and can be applied to all gun dogs. She employs a more thoughtful, "know your dog" approach as...
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    Covid and your worklife

    Fortunately sort of status quo for me. I do EHS compliance for the oil and gas industry, which is currently in the gutter these days. I am able work from home and have been since about the 3rd week of March. Seems likes it is conference calls after conference calls in lieu of being physically...
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    Tripod shooting...

    Another vote for the Triclawps “clamp” mounted on a video-fluid head on a sturdy tripod. For additional rear support I made 2 DIY bipods- one for sitting height and one for kneeling. These are just aluminum coated garden poles cut to length and then lashed with para cord. It’s not long range...
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    chokes for upland birds, mainly pheasants

    Resurrecting an older thread, but upland season is about 1 month away in KS and CO. I’m a light modified guy if only one barrel. I shoot over a pointing lab on wild birds. If O/U I really like skeet then light mod or maybe mod.