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    CPM Magnacut (for all the knife nerds)

    I was going to post on Magnacut here and never got around to it, glad to hear someone is giving it a go.
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    Idaho wolf expanded take rules

    It sounds like a nightmare for liability.
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    Zero Drop Hunting Boot

    Heads up on the vivobarefoots, I just ordered a couple and used their fancy app to find the right size. It was wrong, badly. Looks to be at least two sizes too big, which is frustrating since the number it came up with is the European size I normally use. Now they have to ship back to the...
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    Tikka T3x Won’t Fire

    Take this with a handful of salt - I just bought my tikka and as I was going through learning all the standard maintenance stuff I caught a clip on YouTube about "bolt maintenance" and the guy mentioned specifically light strikes with newer Tikkas and colder weather. Basically, the factory...
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    **All Clothing Manufacturers**

    Duluth trading makes "long trail" shirts and such.
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    Sportsmatch To84 rings source?

    I ordered mine from Tawando just last week, they should be here Monday or Tuesday.
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    Tough merino T Shirt?

    This is my take as well, blends get you the best of both worlds. Most of the nicer brands (ice breaker, first lite, ridge, etc) are some type of blend. I really notice the difference in socks, full synthetic socks last forever - but smell awful, full merino or high merino blends are great but...
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    Has Anybody Else Noticed a Scarcity of Hunting Videos on YouTube Lately?

    There's a pretty long standing discussion over on hunt talk about this sort of thing, and yes it is definitely part of it.
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    Current .45 or new 10mm

    I carry an FNX 45 with 45 super, it's not quite 10mm performance but it's close. I alternate Underwood hard cast and penetrators. It'll get upgrade to 460 rowland eventually. I couldn't find a 10mm that fit me well.
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    Tikka T3X: it's happening.....

    Either 6.5 isn't as popular as I've been told or Tikka made about ten times as many of them as everything else. I see the 6.5 everywhere, but not much else.
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    Help me with Cheaper quilt and shelter ideas???

    Another vote for the hammock gear burrow econ, I really like mine.
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    Freezer size for big game?

    Something someone else on here mentioned in another freezer thread was the idea of buying two smaller units rather than a single big one. It's a little more expensive but you get some redundancy if one of them dies. We're buying a new house and the plan is a chest freezer for long term storage...
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    How to cut your pack weight.

    To me it really put into context what it would be worth to work with a nutritionist or similar. We all understand that to get really good results in anything you usually have to pay for it. For whatever reason I never considered that paying someone to help me eat better would actually be more...
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    How to cut your pack weight.

    I was out on a run the other day thinking about this - I was feeling the extra Covid weight and had to check a hunch. It turns out that liposuction is on average less than 10 dollars per oz. So next time you're considering spending big bucks on that fancy new gear you could just get that spare...
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    pains of the terrible 2's

    Tons of great advice here, we got 2, 4, and 6 right now and something haven't seen mentioned much is the idea of escalation. In my opinion discipline means correction that is scaled to the infraction. I wouldn't give a spanking for sneaking a cookie, but I also wouldn't give a scolding for...