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    Suggestions on a cheap winter beater/work commuter

    I have been looking for one of these for a few months now. People are asking 5-7k on average and have seen some recently that are 9-14k. I am not sure what made the XJ cost so much now but I wanted something to drive in the winter and take hunting just like the OP.
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    Iron Will K1 Ultralight Knife with G10 handle

    I have both iron will knives, the bigger one I got with the g10 and like it. I had the K1 before they offered the g10 but I bought blanks and made some for it, definitely made the knife more comfortable and worth it.
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    Help with Vault Doors

    I did a small chipotle job and it use to be an old bank and there was a bank door like this. They just opened it all the way and built a wall around it.
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    Wrong tires end my hunt early

    There is F which is 12 ply which is what I went with for my f350. If you look on your door it should say the recommended load rating which will be a number. Ply rating use to be the thing to go off of but you should look at ply rating and load rating. The 10 ply Bfg AT has a lower load rating...
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    College vs skilled trades.

    I’m in the union local 46 in Seattle, last time I looked out scale was in the top 5 for IBEW
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    College vs skilled trades.

    I went to college for a year and it was not for me, now I’m a commercial electrician and have made over 120k the past 3 years with last year being 150k. I’m at 130k this year and still have a few months to go. I really enjoy my work and can provide a good life for me, my wife and kid. I do...
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    How are people affording these crazy home prices?

    I wonder the same thing, where I’m at in Wa the average home price is 780-800k. Me and my wife built our house almost 3 years ago with a huge help from my in-laws or it probably would not have happened. My father in law works for a builder and they are selling houses as fast as they list the...
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    Truck packing list for hunting… What’s yours?

    For us it will be me and my buddy. I have a crew cab short bed F350 with a canopy we will be using for the trip. We took it on a few spring bear hunts this year, first trip was 3 guys and I had my tonnoue cover on and it was a pain trying to get everything to fit. Next couple trips I had the...
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    Truck packing list for hunting… What’s yours?

    I like your list, I’ll have to throw mine in an excel sheet since we head to Montana beginning of November.
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    Wrong tires end my hunt early

    Most people don’t pay attention to the load rating and just the ply rating. I just bought new tires and wanted the BFG all terrain but the load rating was to low even though it is a 10 ply. I ended up with the 12 ply nitto ridge grapplers because the load rating is way higher for towing. The...
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    Freeze defrost day - so satisfying!

    Reminds me I need to defrost mine.
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    Smoker for making summer sausage??

    Maybe a stupid question but do you notice a difference between laying the summer sausage flat vs hanging them? We have always hung them which sucks in the smoker we have and I have been looking at a taller model.
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    WTS Kowa 553 spotter

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    Husband / Wife DIY hunt ideas?

    Me and my buddy talked about trying a cous deer hunt in Arizona and taking the wife’s and family down. Last time my wife and in-laws went to Hawaii we talked about doing a guided axis hunt as well.
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    WTS Kowa 553 spotter