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    Trekking Poles for idiots....

    It's kinda funny. If you concentrate on the poles, it will mess you up. Just like if you concentrate on how your arms are swinging, you get all funky. Walk 100 yards at a normal pace and then do it again while concentrating on how your arms are swinging. Well, now you can't because it'll be...
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    SWFA 10% of sitewide

    Through the 21st I believe. Picking up a Glock 43X for $403 Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk
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    Social Media Manipulation - Intriguing and Scary

    Alright, I know this isn't really hunting related but I've seen threads on here about people and social media. We're also dealing with 2nd Amendment issues and an upcoming election again. I just thought this might be worth sharing. I haven't been too active on here recently but I thought I'd...
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    Stopped in the KC store tonight. Cave was pure sadness. I'm left wondering what they did with all the stuff that was there. Maybe some employee only blowout sale. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Finally got a deer... advice on what to do with skull

    I boil my skulls to get some of the bigger meat off and then I bury them in the garden for the winter to let the bugs go to work. Cover with some sort of wire fencing to keep critters off the antlers. I also put black trash bags over the top, stapled down. This helps keep the dirt warm and...
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    If only Scheels had a bargain cave... [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    AVOID Bear basin optics

    Probably selling product they did not have in stock. So, they had to order from their supplier and then flip the order to you.
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    Retail stores in general are dying. Honestly, clothing is there only thing that you need to visit a store for to try on and that is going by the wayside too. It would be an interesting poll to have on here to see where people shop more now. Online vs brick and mortar retail. Large national...
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    Yeah, the return policy was quite lax. However, I can't say that I saw a lot of gear that looked like it had a ton of wear in the cave. Boots maybe but then again, you have to wear them a bit to see if they work for you. Still, I'm sure plenty of people too advantage of the policy. On the...
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    There was plenty of profit left on most of those items in the cave. Especially anything that was Cabela's branded. My buddy could still get better employee discounts on the cave items which means there was still meat on the bone. Plus, again, the whole point is to get people on the store...
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    Best Ultralight Tent

    This is such an open ended question. It would really help if you described kind of what you were looking for and where you'll be using it. For instance: Free standing or a tent you need to stake down? Single wall or double wall? "Traditional tent" or a tipi style shelter? Terrain and weather...
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    Walking on Tundra Hussocks

    Some good info so far. For my next trip...someday...I plan to wear my Simms waders and wading boots with good support. With that said, I will be rafting and in the bottoms more where it is wet and there are creeks to cross. Having the waders is just nice in general as that whole environment...
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    Cabelas Bargain Cave Petition

    I feel your pain. The KC Cabela's is maybe 10 minutes from my house. The wife and I probably stopped in the store once a week just to see what was in the cave. And, to be honest, they made a lot of money off of me on the discounted items. Now, we don't go in nearly as much though from what...
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    Photography- one photo a day

    Pacific Eider. A bit out of shotgun range so a quick switch to the camera was necessary Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Photography- one photo a day

    More endangered Steller's Eiders Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk