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    Average archery shot on mule deer??

    Closet 20 yards furthest 47 yards Gabe
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    Western wyoming winter range

    Thanks Robby and LJ. After looking closer I can only draw region H. So now I'm reconsidering my options. Thanks for the info. Gabe
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    Western wyoming winter range

    I was wondering how the deer are doing in western wyoming(G and H) and south east Idaho? Has there been much winter kill or a lack of snow? I might could draw G and Idaho OTC is always a possibility. Thanks, Gabe P.S.For those of you wondering western Colorado from Rangely to Grand Junction to...
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    Is this buck a shooter?

    That is a great deer. I hope you get him. Gabe
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    New Mexico Mule Deer Success!

    Sounds like a fun hunt in cool country.
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    The Life and Times of Outfitters & Guides

    Good luck Robby.Guiding and outfitting is WAY more work than most realize. Sounds like your hunters will have a good hunt. Gabe
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    Three Great Wyoming Bucks

    Great job. Some of my best memories have been made hunting with my dad.
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    Robby Denning's Colorado Muzzleloader Hunt

    Too bad, but you worked your plan and got on a good buck. Sounds like a good hunt getting in range of 3 good bucks!It still hurts though.
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    Robby Denning's Colorado Muzzleloader Hunt

    At any moment in any clearing or under tree you can see what we all dream about.Relax,enjoy your time in Gods country, glass hard,trust your trigger time.finish strong! God bless Gabe
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    Robby Denning's Colorado Muzzleloader Hunt

    Sounds like a great tip!smoke is going to fly I can feel it. God bless Gabe
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    Aron Snyder, James Petker, Adam Tangsrud Live hunt update!

    Awesome country reminds me 10 days untilll I'm helping my buddy hunt goats in similar country. Great pics.Keep on those big bulls. Good luck Gabe
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    The Mule Deer Project

    It will be fun to have updates as the hunt unfolds. I hope your bad luck is behind you.
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    My Quest for a Dall Ram...

    Great write up, I love the last two paragraphs(reminds me of a book wild at heart). I had my wife read the last two paragraphs to explain my love of backpack hunting. Keep at it and you will get your ram! God bless, Gabe
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    CA Adventure....

    Nice buck and you still have one more tag!