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    This is why we cant have nice things

    My Bro in law lives over there. It sounds like a breeder dumped 9 dogs out up Doris lake area by Hungry Horse reservoir. The area is connected to the Bob, few wolves around there, probably on your mind, mind sees what it wants to see. Good reminder to be sure of your target, make sure you...
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Also, this is 2006-2009 over lapped with current SPY chart, pretty eerily similar. 320 showing would be perfect match
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread Haven’t been too active, but here’s a great chart to keep an eye on for a turn in markets. NAHB home builders sentiment has timed the bottom of markets within a month in 1991, 2002, 2009, 2020 (obviously...
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    WTB High end binos

    Maybe that’s what we need to do to weed a few out, put up WTB ads with no intention of buying, just to bait the hook.
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    I personally HATE the tipping system we have set up in the US. Businesses justified to pay crappy wages and the customer pays the salary. That being said, it’s the system and not fair to punish the lowest person on the totem pole in the crappy system. I enjoy giving someone a nice tip working...
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    WTS/WTT Robertsonscoot SCAMMER

    I know it sucks for new guys, but if you aren’t well known, im not buying anything. Too dang risky with the sneaky SOB’s, I don’t care if it’s cheap.
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    WTS Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3x14

    I am listing this for a buddy, he paid around $1100 for it, and is in a tight spot, and he doesn’t do internet, so helping out a little. It has a rub mark on the right turret cover, no dings or gouges that I can see. Glass looks perfect, very very clear glass. Super nice AR scope, build in...
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    Bullet design for modest hunting distance on all game

    I have but my Remington prefers 180’s. They are running right at 2600fps with W760. About the same as my CM and .260 with 140 partitions. Does 150/165 be fine too, but I like heavy and slow. No blow ups, always pentrate and expand, only recovered a few, mostly nice exits
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    Bullet design for modest hunting distance on all game

    I shoot 308 almost exclusively, 180 gr partition, I’ve hunted from the Midwest to Alaska with it, moose to pigs.
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    Which rifle should I take on my Alaskan moose hunt in September?

    I agree with Vern, I carried a 308 with 180 partitions all over Alaska, never felt under gunned. I carried a high powered 6.5 with match grade, after my experience I felt like a point blank emergency bear shot at muzzle speed would be questionable. I’d recommend a sturdy bullet first over...
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    WTT 4lbs of RL26 in eastern MT

    I think I’ve got a deal worked out to sell them, I will post up if that changes. Call it pending for now, if not I may be over that way at some point this summer
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    I may have found a good market turn indicator. The home builders index leads the market by a bit, when it starts turning up or down, the market tends to follow. The timing isn’t exact but can help with scaling in or out decisions
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Yes, I do still expect some great bear rallies before we are done, 10-15% bounces are very common. Everyone is so bearish I kind of expect one before long. They like to hose the bearish bets before they trap the bulls too haha
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Agreed, when her inflows drop, outflows fly I could see those imploding. All kinds of Bitcoin exchanges frozen, insolvent. Hopium ETF’s will be next
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Well spy following 2008 pretty well, mortgage rates high! Housing should drop a little, then we should see new orders drop as manufacturers plan for a slow down. Next is earnings falling and finally unemployment jumps. Still in the beginning, looking forward to doubling my 401k after we get...