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    Synthetic game bags??

    What do you like better about the caribou vs viam? I have a set of the viam and I like them, but have never handled a set of caribous. I have a couple tag bags as well, and I prefer the material of them, but I didn't like their size offerings quite as much as the viams.
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    Replacing a recoil pad

    Yep.. Phillips screwdriver.
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    Kuiu 1850 bag on a SG x-curve frame.. Only had to make a couple buckle modifications to the bag. Sorry I don't have pics right now, but can get some if someone wants.
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    Replacing a recoil pad

    I assume this is one that does not have screws?
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    Don't be an asshat!

    I will also agree that the feedback feature being added to the site was a nice addition, and I wish more people knew about it. I've bought and sold items on several different forums and the feedback feature on this site is by farm the easiest and most user-friendly. On a site where lots of us...
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    Polarized Sunglasses

    From what I gather from reading online, Costa and Maui Jim are the two leaders in lens quality and all others are somewhat distantly behind, but I'm certainly no expert.
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    Mid-Level Spotting Scope Review

    I may be wrong, but I dont think the new ones have the ability to change from straight to angled. The eyepieces change from variable power to fixed power, but your scope is still a straight or an angled. I love my Ares scope!
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    Scope rings for Tikka t3x

    I have the same scope on my 6.5 and use low Talley lightweights. Not sure if they are the strongest or anything, but I have no complaints about them.
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    I see this as the number one complaint about twist locks, but I'm having a hard time understanding what is more finicky about them. If I need to adjust the height of one leg by a half inch, what's the difference between a flip lock and twist lock?
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    Yeah I guess I should've specified a little.. if I'm sitting on a hillside and my front leg will have to be longer than the others, I typically let the second lock open first, let that leg section fall completely and lock the flipper, then open the top flipper and let the leg fall the rest of...
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    @tdot , @passinggas33 , let me ask you twist-lock guys a more specific question - When I sit down to glass, I pull my tripod out, hold it about the height I want it, flip the lock and the leg falls to the ground and then I flip the lock closed - repeat for two more legs and I'm done. Does...
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    That was my concern, but since I've never used twist locks, I wasn't sure if it was an issue.
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    Thanks LaHunter. Anyone else have an opinion?
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    Trying to decide between two tripods, both with nearly identical specs but one has twist-locks and the other has flip-locks on the legs. I have been using flip locks for the last couple years and have never tried a good quality tripod that has twist locks. I don't mind the flips other than...
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    WTS (3) Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpeners, BNIB

    One sold, one SPF. Still have 1 available.