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    Colorado draw

    18 and 28 both have alot of moose. You guys should do well.
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    Shiras Moose Packout vs Elk

    Noted, and finding animals now. Still lots of areas to cover.
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    What game bags are you using?

    Pillow cases and sewn together sheets to the size I like. Cheap and effective.
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    Please make it stop!!!!

    I have spent years, and more time than most finding my areas, so don't preach. You act like I post it all over the internet which is the last thing I'd do. If you knew the lengths I went to keep my areas on the low down, you'd think I'm a hermit. Anyways, relax, breath, enjoy life for what it is.
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    Please make it stop!!!!

    I've drawn some pretty good tags in CO that made me get out of the box and see new ground. It's increddible what you see when you get into new areas. I have my dedicated elk spots so I have no issue sending guys to where I've seen a ton of elk on other tags. Elk just don't wind me up, they're...
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    Colorado BLM 37,371,18,28

    Animals aside, you will have to look pretty hard in life to find an area with more beauty!
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    Shiras Moose Packout vs Elk

    That is a beauty! Thanks for the info.
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    Shiras Moose Packout vs Elk

    Thanks for the info, good stuff. FYI, I located a few bulls this weekend, one about 3.5 miles in, one about 100 yds off the road, and he was a nice one. Sorry, I'm not shooting a bull like that. That's not a hunt at all for me. I didn't wait all this time to shoot one that watches you walk up to...
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    3 tips for solo elk hunter

    Bring downloaded podcasts, music, etc Bring one of those battery brick chargers for your phone Bring more food than spare clothes etc. bring a ton. Being a guy who packed in and sólo hunted before cell phones, mid day passes by slow, and gets really boring. I would motor through food just...
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    Colorado unit 371

    Was in there yesterday, good trip.
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    Eastern Colorado whitetail

    There still are, but back in the early mid 2000s there were crusher WTs out there in abundance. Now with all the tags, they just don't live long.
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    Eastern Colorado whitetail

    That's because the CDOW has declared all out war on Whitetails out East and give tons of tags to exterminate them.
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    Eastern Colorado whitetail

    If you're a bowhunter, it's pretty much over after the second split.
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    Electric Chainsaws - Pole Saws

    Looking at this one. Its a nice looking saw.