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    Has the coronavirus affected your hunting plans?

    Yes. Am about to pull the plug on a planned antelope hunt trip, won't apply for WY tags. Wife's job is possibly in jeopardy due to COVID and being just a few years out from retirement need to be real careful with expenditures right now.
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    WTS Leica Ultravid HD 10X42

    What year of manufacture are they?
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    WTS Swarovski 12x50 EL w/outdoorsman tripod adapter

    What's the year of manufacture?
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    Got A Good .308 Load for Deer?

    Thanks, I'll check it out!
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    Got A Good .308 Load for Deer?

    Just wanted heavier for more mass. I know the performance characteristics of the Barnes bullets including the excellent expansion and stuff, I just like heavy for bigger game. I haven't noticed a downside. But being a cheapskate, figured I'd go with a non-premium, inexpensive bullet for...
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    Got A Good .308 Load for Deer?

    Hey guys. I've got a .308 load I like for elk using a 168 Barnes TSX but I think that's overkill and an unnecessarily costly bullet to use for whitetails. Bro-in-law just got a .308 for deer so I thought I might look into developing a load for he and I. I'm thinking of using just a basic soft...
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    Seeking Design Plans for Deer Blind

    Thanks for the input, guys. I did a Google search and there are some plans out there, kinda not what I was looking for, though. I'll check Texasbowhunter. There's a lot of discussion on Texas Ag forum but no one actually has plans that they can send me. I'll keep searching and will check the...
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    Seeking Design Plans for Deer Blind

    I posted this on the Whitetail Deer forum but figured I might get more responses here. Hopefully, posting in both places is allowable. Thanks in advance. Hi guys. Longtime deer hunter here. I/we hunt on family property and we have quite a few deer stands (ladders) as well as a couple of...
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    Seeking Design Plans for Deer Blind

    Hi guys. Longtime deer hunter here. I/we hunt on family property and we have quite a few deer stands (ladders) as well as a couple of high-end elevated box blinds. I'd like to add another blind but want something less expensive, a DIY deal. I'm not much of a carpenter but have...
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    Meopta Optika vs. Meopro Opinions Wanted

    I'm wanting an 8x42 pair of binocs for whitetail hunting from elevated blinds in fields. I like what I've seen about bang for the buck with Meopta products. Do any of you guys have direct experience with both the Optika and Meopro and could you share your thoughts on them? Basically, does...
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    Best 8x42 <$300?

    Wow, lot's of love for the Maven C1. I've heard the Meopta Optika is pretty good and in the same price range. Anyone have experience with both of them and could comment on how they'd compare?
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    Best 8x42 <$300?

    In the process of upgrading my "big" binoculars right now and I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on Meopta Meostar 12x50's. Given their cost, I don't have too much $ leftover but I'd like to also upgrade from my 10-year old Vortex Diamondback 8x42's. What do you guys think is the best...
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    WTS/WTT New Meopta meostar B1 15x56

    These binoculars are insured by the Pope? Man, I think they're underpriced, then.... :)
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    Deal : Maven C1 10x42 $70 off on Amazon

    Yeah, I hate when that happens! I put something specific on my outdoor gift Christmas list with a link to it then several days later I see it somewhere else for less money. Then don't know whether to say something to the wife in case she didn't buy it but also risk spoiling her surprise if she...
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    Ultralight is Ultracheap

    I'm kinda adding on and affirming a couple items already posted here. I just love the Wrangler pants; I not only use them for hunting but for everyday wear, even in the office. I have all the color offerings. They are wrinkle free, super durable, great fitting and SUPER CHEAP. I like this...