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    WTS Meopta 15x56

    Is this the B1.1 model?
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    Cell Phone Coverage in WY?

    Thanks, Aaron, and all the others who responded. We do have OnX and will be relying on it heavily. Headed for Wyoming this Saturday, can't wait!
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    MLB postseason and World Series

    50+ years Cardinals fan here. Thrilled that they won the division; it was a squeaker coming down to the last day but they did it. Almost as glad that the Cubs lost and missed the playoffs than that the Cardinals won the division! Not all that optimistic about their chances in the playoffs...
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    I'm an environmental scientist working for the Air Force, involved with natural resource management at several bases.
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    Cell Phone Coverage in WY?

    Hey guys, my buddy and I will be in NE/NC Wyoming in a couple weeks for antelope rifle season. I'm curious about what to expect as far as cell phone performance. We both have AT&T cell phone service. Which carriers have good service out there in BLM lands away from towns? In most of my...
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    Exo K3 4800 Pack System Review, By Justin Crossley

    JBH, a few months ago I was in your shoes, debating 4800 vs. 3200. I ordered them both and kept the 4800, returned the other. The 4800 has a couple of real cool features that the 3200 doesn't: it has a horseshoe zipper on the front that gives you main bag access (in addition to the roll top...
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    Exo K3 4800 Pack System Review, By Justin Crossley

    Wow, Slim, that's a hefty load. Good job by you and by Exo! I bought a 4800 a couple months ago and am looking forward to great performance from it, too.
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    Question About Cheek Scent Glands

    Thanks for the info. Greenhorn question I guess but I assume the does have the glands as well? And are the glands pre-orbital, in front of the eyes?
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    Question About Cheek Scent Glands

    If one is going to use the gutless method to quarter a 'lope at the harvest site, is it necessary to do anything with the scent glands? And if so, where exactly are the glands? Thanks in advance!
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    Multiple Tikka Owners: Which Caliber has been most and least accurate for you?

    My 6.5 Creed is a half MOA, .270wsm closer to 1 MOA. Hand loads in both. Love those Tikkas....
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    Best Protein/Snack Bar

    I like Clif Builder's protein bars.
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    King of the Mountain Stairmaster Challenge

    60 years old, weigh 155#. Had pneumonia last month for a couple weeks, set my training way back. However, today (bodyweight only, no pack yet) I did 30 minutes on the stair climber, results were 119 floors, 75 steps/minute. Gradually getting back towards peak fitness. Doing evening...
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    Wrangler nylon pants back in stock

    I bought 3 pairs last year in different colors from WM. Absolutely love them. Wear them for hunting and also, in the office. They look good and are comfortable, don't have to iron them, what more could you ask for? Tried to find them again at WM over the past few months. Looked online...
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    How Much Private Land Is Fenced In?

    Thanks for the replies, guys. We've got OnX maps/chip. I just figured that occasionally seeing a fence at least "in the ballpark" of the actual boundary as indicated by the software would be helpful as a visual indicator and was curious as to how common they are.
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    How Much Private Land Is Fenced In?

    Hi guys, My buddy and I will be antelope hunting in NE Wyoming next month on public land during rifle season. Have done lots of research, obtained maps, GPS chip, etc., and we're in the process of putting together a game plan of where we think we'd want to hunt. Given that all the public land...