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  • Happy to send you pics. Would you mind sending me your phone number so that I can text them to you---or email if you would prefer? To be honest, I don't know about the waist, I think that a med may be too small, but that depends on how much "wrap around" you like. I fluctuate between 32-34" and find this to be fine for me, but I feel underqaulified to speak on behalf of someone else who has 2" on me. Rids fine IMO, no noise that I noted expect when loaded with 60lbs or more (but then if hauling out an animal, i don;t care about the little "squeak" here and there). I like the weight 80/20 on my hips vs shoulders and I am able to make that happen with this pack. Pressure points, nothing that jumps out at me....80lbs is 80lbs :) (it is unrealistic for me to go much higher so that is all I tested it with). I really like the organization and ability to have one frame with two packs as well as the "meat shelf."

    hope that helps,
    I have been looking at these same packs so I have a few questions. First, I am a 36 waist and the medium is for up to 34" will this pack expand to possibly fit me? How does it ride? Comfort, noise, weight distribution, pressure points? Can you send me pics?
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