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    Nalgene bottle on waist belt?

    totally, same pack I just use my bladder and pack a bottle in the pack keeping it from bouncing off my arm
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    Warm Boot for Treestand Hunting

    rubber never = warm for me I found a pair of baffin snow boots on ebay a couple years ago and love em, maybe 1/2 mi walk in and they're comfortable
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    Merino boxers

    I've tried most of the above and then some, for me comfort is the objective and Exofficio blows them all away
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    best value OTC hunt opinions

    Just identify yourself as a member of the crow tribe, hunt wherever you want w/o tags or limits or regs...
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    Cardio vs Strength Training

    @52 years and 6' 195# cardio for me, I spend most my time in Missouri/sea level, you can be strong as a mule but when your lungs are scorched on the mountain all that extra muscle is def not your friend
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    Inreach Mini or Something Better?

    rei has both on sale, I'm trying to talk myself into the mini
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    Sitka core lt hoody sizing and fit

    I found it a little tighter than I expected, comparing to other sitka L shirts/jackets, I'd get xl if it was a do over
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    Knee replacement......

    I strongly disagree with some of the above I had bilateral(both) knee replacement February 19, originally I thought I was only getting my right knee done but x-rays proved that both needed it. I’m 52 and in better than average shape, had both acl’s done years ago and both were blown again at...
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    Maven 10x42 or 12x42?

    same advice Doug gave me before I got my 12's from him, for me def need a tripod
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    Controlling your stink?

    truck camp this was the bomb, swiped idea from elsewhere
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    I planned on getting a 50hp without a cab for some chores around our Missouri place and a lot of work for our place in Colorado, ended up with a cab and 60hp and glad I did both. I’m definitely not a farmer but justified the Kubota for many reasons, resale being one of them. I couldn’t find a...
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    Crispi Idaho Review

    I thought my Idaho's were the bomb, 6 months later the rand cracked like crazy in the middle of my season, got ahold of Crispi and was told they'd be taken care of after season... at that point they were outta warranty so tough luck. either way they don't compare to my Kenetrek mountain...
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    Trophy displays/furniture

    great work!
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    The Current state of Elk Hunting

    I'm good, Co OTC Archery, maybe ID OTC Archery depending on how Co goes. got a few points in Wy
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    Back Packing snack bars

    despite these facts I like them