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    Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

    Surprise!!! [emoji38][emoji1787] yeah, we do that too... I thought the name might be a give away. Custom LR rifles, mostly titanium actions, Proof carbon barrels chambered in a variety of excellent long range hunting cartridges. We ship to your FFL, you do the paperwork and walk out with a...
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    Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

    Awesome zog, glad I ran across here today. Check us out! We carry a lot of the high end glass from Swarovski, Vortex, Leica, and Zeiss. Adding more all the time. Tons of other backcountry gear on tap as well.
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    Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

    Ben... I realize you already decided on the 12's, but that's what we do! You can rent 10's and 12's from us, compare them side by side, and keep the ones you decide on. We'll apply 100% of both rentals toward the purchase for up to 3 days for 2 items or 2 days for 3 items if you'd like to try...
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    RENT GUNS and Gear is OPEN 4 BUSINESS!!

    Thanks for the feedback! It's always a pleasure working with our hard-core DIY customers! Congrats on a great buck! Just awesome that we could be a small part of your success this year! Coop
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    Looking for a sub 16oz scope with MOA hash marks

    Vortex Razor LH (last year model) has capped turrets and MOA hash marks in the scope. It’s 2nd focal plane so reticle size does not change with magnification. The weight is right at 16 oz. as I recall. Glass is nice in them. I have a couple used 3-15x42 and a new one. DM if you’re interested...
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    Looking for opinions

    You can rent the 15x56 swaro’s at If you decide they’re worth it, we’ll apply 100% of your rental toward purchase of a new or used pair. No better way to evaluate glass than take them hunting next to your current binos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

    Rent Guns and Gear has 8’s and 12’s in stock for rental. We can’t sell these as keepers yet as they’re too hard to get at the moment. However, we’ll be happy to apply your keeper credit (up to 7 days rental) toward the next set that comes in. No better way to evaluate them than take em’ hunting...
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    Swaro ATX vs ATS

    The modularity of the X’s is a big deal if you sometimes want a smaller or larger scope. The eyepiece is a lot more forgiving on the “X” spotters in my opinion. Not as critical to be in the perfect spot to see a full image. I used the ATS 20-50 x 65 a few weeks ago and found it to be somewhat...
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    Any Outdoor Vision Swaro ATX/BTX Covers users?

    Cover fit well although it takes a little work to get it snapped and aligned right. It’s lighter than I expected - it’s obviously well made. It doesn’t offer too much padding, but definitely will do a nice job protecting from scuffs and adds a barrier for dirt and dust. Renders the extendable...
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    Good places to buy from

    Thanks Tradchef!! It’s going great! We’ve worked with a bunch of awesome customers that have been grateful to be able to use high end gear for their hunts or to be able to try stuff out before they commit to buying it. I’m enjoying working with guys on their gear choices and making a small...
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    Leica Noctivid 10x42 Review, by Matt Cashell

    The Cynch is a good setup - we run them on all our rental binos and they do go into the bino harness which is a bonus. It does create a little added resistance going in and out, but much nicer in my opinion than putting on and taking off every time and risking losing the adapter. I’ve donated a...
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    Good places to buy from

    If you just need some glass until your Zeiss are back, we could rent you a set for your hunts. If you decide that you like them, we can apply 7 days of the rental toward purchase, and since they’re lightly used, we can give you a solid deal on them depending on their age and condition. If you...
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    Bino Harness for Zeiss RF 10x42

    You will need an XL - the Victory RF is a big set of glass. I run the Kuiu XL’s for them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Swaro STX Users?

    I feel like the 85 is better suited to general hunting use, especially if you’re packing it around a lot and using it to pick apart the country while glassing. The wider field of view is likely to benefit you more than the magnification boost of the 95. Weight of the 95 never bothered me but...
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    Any Outdoor Vision Swaro ATX/BTX Covers users?

    Just got one to try out on our rental BTX’s, ATX’s and objectives. Haven’t strapped it on yet, but I’ll try to post some info and pics on them once we have some experience with them. Coop Rent Guns and Gear Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk