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    Northern Colorado archery elk

    Responding to questions about a limited draw unit of which requires more than a point or two is not the same as responding to questions about an OTC unit.. Guys aren't patiently waiting 5 years to acrue points and then jump on that spot they read about online. Besides.. how many units are in...
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    Northern Colorado archery elk

    You must be west of Ft Collins.. no need to be secret about it. Should be no different than any other unit in Colorado.. the cows will be where the water, food, and cover are and as we get closer to the rut the bulls will be where the cows are. This should probably be in the elk section?
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    My Puppy Ate My Caribou Skull

    I found a deadhead whitetail skull like that once.. the coyotes ate the snout right off. Had a perfect 4x4 rack around the size of a coues deer. If you have pics of the skull prior to the gnawing maybe you can find a local artist/sculpter to recreate the missing parts with some plaster?
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    Table surface for processing

    if you live in Ft Worth there should be a ton of restaurant supply companies where you can get whatever size cutting board you want. Then just set up some saw horses and plywood or a chunk of old countertop...
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    It's difficult to fire people these days..
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    Well, you are going to be the one paying the wages it whether it’s tips or increased meal prices.
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    Colorado minimum wage for tipped employees is $9.54, Colorado minimum wage for non-tipped employees is $12.56. The federal tipped minimum wage is $2.13 while the federal non-tipped minimum wage is $7.25. Every state is different but I believe the majority of states follow the federal minimum...
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    I worked in restaurants years ago and I don’t mind tipping. I usually tip very well on great service. I agree that the automatic tips on tabs is bullshit though, the point of tips is to encourage good service. For those that think labor should just be rolled up in the price of the meal and not...
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    Just finished my first build let’s see the rifle builds

    A few of my riFAL builds..
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    Youngest son wants to become a welder

    I used to know a guy (haven't seen him in a while) that was doing extremely well doing specialized laser and micro welding for aerospace and other tech companies. He was in the 6 figure range and this was 10 years ago..
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    Diamox for altitude

    Drink water, stay away from caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol.. start doing that now in order to prepare for the trip. Start hydrating as soon as you wake up and continue to drink even if you don’t feel like you need it, once you become dehydrated it is difficult to get caught back up again...
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    Tonneau cover or Camper shell?

    Get a commercial style topper with the two back doors that swing out and side panels that lift up. They have locks that will match your truck key. If your truck bed is long enough you can camp out of it and prop the side hatches open at night for some airflow if you like
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    How to NOT piss off others on public land

    I have to say bury your turds and paper as well, lol, it's amazing how you can be somewhere that you think no one else has even been and then you see something white on the ground and closer examination ends in a turd.. Come on people.. Otherwise, give other hunters friendly wave and move on.
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    How many people have been transitioning their hunting?

    Depending on where you live it’s not exactly easy to find a good waterfowl spot either..
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    Best midsize Pickup?

    I’ve always considered the Rangers, Tacomas, Frontiers and so on to be compacts though their sizes have grown a little bit over the years.. Looks like they used to call the Tacoma a compact and now a mid size.. I still look...