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    AICS magazines

    I have them for a few bolt guns as well as a pile of other magpul stuff. They work fine and don’t have a rattle. In fact, I had an AICS mag split down the middle and have stopped using a few others since I bought the Magpul’s. I am sure some power users may have other opinions on options...
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    Home protection help

    +1 for dogs. Good advice on frangible or low penetration ammo. A handgun with glazers / Corbon blue is a good option. Birdshot. Frangible for the AR, although if you are slinging AR bullets you are in a hell of a gun fight and over penetration is a low order concern. Consider adding a...
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    Kifaru Reckoning And Frame Question

    I had a reckoning on a 26 inch frame. Nice rig but never fit me as well as my MR NICE frame so I am back to MR. Personal preference... If you have a round or muscular upper back, look into the aluminum frames. I never got that far into it, but I think that getting aluminum frames and...
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    Anticipated impacts of COVID-19 on hunting this year?

    PA has a shelter at home thing going for residents and non residents can transit but not I’ve around. If this goes on it will blow through spring turkey season. West Coast friend got a warning for spear fishing. Seems like hunting isn’t high on the “essential” activity list in most places.
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    Supertarp for Glassing? Talk me out of a SO DST...

    Big fan of my DST. Nothing wrong with a super tarp and it would arguably be more efficient as a shelter. However, with a little practice, the DST can be a good shelter. Huge for solo. Fits two and gear well. Three is a little crowded IMO. If money weren’t a factor, I would decide based...
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    Looking for a conceal carry Sling/Messenger Bag, any recommendations?

    +1 for this. Like mine a lot. If I am hauling enough for it to be uncomfortable, I am carrying too much. The off body carry thing is a bit of a weird one. Less positive control of the weapon. Some potential liability if the bag is unattended. 5.11 stuff is good and I own some but I...
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    Small whitetail backpack

    For just toting a little gear and food I use a 22 liter day pack from tactical tailor. Simple and easy. Look for one that has a pocket and ports for a hydration bladder but don’t spend a fortune on it. Mystery ranch has some great little day packs for around $100.
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    Lightweight blinds for bow hunting

    I use 2x $15 camo cloth blinds from wallmart. I zip tie them to a 30’ length of 550 cord. Gives me 24’ of concealment. Add a few other 10’ lengths of 550 for to tie up the corners here or there. Weighs about 2-3#.
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    Anyone switch from 18650 to AA headlamp?

    If you spend enough time in the cold you will have AA batteries leak on you and that can be a bummer. You can run lithium AA but they get pricey and the last batch I bought on amazon seemed to be knock offs. I run and love a couple of zebra light headlamps as my primary. I back them up...
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    In-Pack organization

    +1 for this, although other shops make them. I have a few of the light weight and regular ones that I mix and match. I also mix in some Silnylon stuff sacks from Jimmy tarps of various sizes. Here is my general packing scheme for a couple of days or more. - Depending on what pack I am...
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    Best Shelter $400 budget

    Welcome. Just a suggestion but paint the picture a little more and you will get better answers. Where and when do you typically use it? How many people? First thing to decide is tent or tarp? If you go tent, do you want a floor or not. $400 would buy a nice backpacking tent and could...
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    Any Mechanics? 2001 Tundra Brake Issues

    Not sure if this applies if you swapped calipers. I had a vibration issue on my last tundra. It turned out some of the caliper pins were frozen causing uneven pressure. New calipers took care of it.
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    Hall of shame - gear version

    Got my duffle back from Kifaru. They restitched all the bad seams and reattached the shoulder strap. Hopefully it will hold up better now. So that is cool. however, No shirtless pic of Snyder riding a horse like Vladimir Putin was included in the return, per my explicit request. Just...
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    Anyone cater to the eastern whitetail guys?

    Do you haul a stand or a lot of layers? Mystery ranch makes a pack called the Treehouse that is designed for stand hunting. I prefer one of their pop ups. I bought a 38 this year and expect that will be my primary white tail pack. Fairly compact but enough bag to handle my gear and late...
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    Firearms industry now “critical” infrastructure

    “It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for him."