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    Military style slings?

    I like this guy. Use it on my ars and tried it and liked it on a hunting gun. It slides for easy adjustability and you can swap it for barrel up or barrel down carry. As mentioned above the issue with carrying most...
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    I like mine for solo trips. For more than one it is a lot of stirring time. I prefer a gravity filter for a group. Batteries - mine doesn’t eat them but have some spares. Also use lithium in case it gets cold. Chunky water - more than just gross, the light can’t penetrate small...
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    Keeping pack clean while packing out meat?

    I have used meat bags inside a contractor bag and been fine for short pack outs.
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    Activities/restaurants in Oahu, Hawaii

    Tourist trap but Roy’s was one of the better meals I had in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor was my favorite spot on Oahu. If your time and budget allow, a side trip to Kauai is worth it. Napoli coast hike. The canyon. Spectacular. The big island lava fields and stuff are super cool. Maui is 3rd...
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    Rain gear

    Hmmm. I don’t think I would choose rubber for a September, Colorado mule deer hunt. Depending on my other layers I would be looking for a light breathable top and bottom. Cloudburst from sitka is a good option. If I was wearing a soft shell that could shed a little water, I would go with...
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    Rain gear

    Lots of options. IMO rain gear falls into two buckets. (1) the kind you bring when you know you are going to get rained on and may end up living in it like in Alaska or the PNW. (2) the kind you bring just in case. For back East, I am usually in the just in case category. I mixed and...
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    Need help with a exercise routine

    Mix in some hiits sessions to get that heart cranking. 10-20 minutes a couple times a week to start. Plenty of programs that use body weight and some light equipment. I would layer in some lower body stuff to your weights for strength and joint health. Air squats, courtesy squats, pistol...
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    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    This. I could swap the creed for a 308 but I do prefer the creed. I might take the 223 as an AR but you can’t hunt them or carry them everywhere so maybe not.
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    Glassing tarp options

    Dst is 10x10. I used mine for a sun shade for 3 last year in the Grand Canyon. I think you could sleep 3 in a pinch and I have slept 2 under mine and been comfortable. I think mine is 1.5 pounds with lines attached. Call it 2# with stakes. I think it would work fine for a glassing...
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    FL solitude vs sanctuary jacket

    Neither is windproof. I had a sanctuary and it never got cold enough for me to really need it in NY and PA. I swapped it out for a set of solitudes this year and they worked great. Comfort zone for me was about 20* with some layers underneath up to 50* with just the jacket. If I hunt...
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    Thermarest NeoAir XLite low temps?

    Hmmm. Not to disagree, but To add to your points above, my neoair is loud enough that my camp buddies commented about it last year on an AZ desert trip and they were 10-15 feet away. I also put a hole in mine in Yellowstone that had me sleeping on the ground for one cold night. I still...
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    Day pack for NL moose hunt

    Welcome. No experience in that area or moose hunting, sadly but I will offer a general thought. For a typical daypack load of 15-20# or less, I find a frameless pack o be fine. If I want to haul something - meat, stand, heavier gear - then I use a pack with a frame. My daypack / hauler of...
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    Good starting compound bow

    Welcome to the forum. I am a relatively new bow hunter and think all the above is good advice. I bought a brand new and expensive bow right out of the gate. If I were doing it again: - Buy used a used BARE bow that is 1-5 years old or new/old stock for a shop at a STEEP discount. Almost...
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    Thermarest NeoAir XLite low temps?

    +1 for a winter pad. I ran a NEOair for a while in the winter and finally sprang for an xtherm. Worth the weight and cost IMO. I am currently running a sea to summit insulated pad in cold weather and a big fan of insulation under you to stay warm. A couple of other thoughts. I have been...
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    Car rental bozeman

    I was there 2 years ago in May doing the tourist thing and backpacking in Teton and yellow stone. Was happy to have gone SUV on some of the roads I went on. Plus more room for gear.