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    Looking For Friends Out West

    Go solo. I went on my first elk hunt solo. Killed an elk too. Packing out an animal is harder alone but doable.
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    McMillan black friday

    I've had the same problem. I waited until this sale came out. Ended up ordering a manners eh4. Hope it helps someone.
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    McMillan black friday

    25% off in stock inventory.
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    Unit 076-81 Nevada Elk?

    Post a pic!!
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    Black Friday deals?

    I have LEM big bite #8 and like it alot. I cant feed it fast enough. Would a #12 be better maybe, depending on how much you use it. I have processed 6 deer and 3 antelope this year. No problems with the grinder at all.
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    PSA: Horox Outfitters

    I hate to be this guy but, you saw plenty of elk by the sounds of it. And are mad that you didn't shoot a "BIG" bull. How is your elk season a loss? You got to go hunting didn't you? If you wanted to kill a BIG bull, go on a high fence hunt. Fair chase hunting is never a guarentee, even with a...
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    My Wyoming Archery Elk - video

    Great bull/video. Public or private land?
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    AZ new record or fence hunt?

    Best I can do is a screen shot. I dont have Facebook.
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    AZ new record or fence hunt?

    I saw that bull on A3's Facebook, it's a stud!! A3 works there ass off for there clients. I hunted with them in 2016. Great group of people that I would recommend to any elk hunter.
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    What gun cleaning products?

    Another fan of Bore tech
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    Another MT Grizz Attack

    Shut up*
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    Another MT Grizz Attack

    Shot, shovel and shit up is what I say. This is getting ridiculous
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    WTS 28 Nosler Carbon Barrel

    How'd you like that stock? Thinking about using one for my next build.
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    Cottonwood creek bear attack

    I rather be judged by a jury than dead. If my math is correct a bear could cover 75 yards in less than 5 seconds.
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    Cottonwood creek bear attack

    I recently heard of 2 grizzly attacks in the Cottonwood Creek area of the Gravelly Range. Just wondering if guys are carrying firearms, bear spray or both? I've hunted that area a few times, had a bear take 2 quarters last year. Never saw him though. I personally would have no problem shooting...