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    New chamber too tight? Rounds not fitting in new custom barrel

    I got a carbon six prefit that was short, I had some 210 bergers I loaded leftover from the factory tikka barrel .02 off and they jammed real hard but shot incredible. I loaded some more .01 off and it shot great, it’s significantly shorter than the factory tikka barrel but shoots much better...
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    Brass question

    I had a box of unfired ADG in my truck and the rattling around from the box left lines like that, I started cutting pieces of foam to put on top and it helps
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    He’s a sick man, I sent him a text about some EL 12x50’s because I was bored at work. He didn’t get back to me for a day or, he said sorry for the late response that he’s an ER doctor, so I asked him what the strangest object he’s found in someone’s ass.
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    H1000 - price gouging!

    Where are you seeing RL26? I could have bought 8 pounders of retumbo and H1000 in the last ten days but don’t need it I have h4381 showing up today but I haven’t seen RL26 in over a year.
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    Powders in stock

    Yea I’ve been seeing lots of h1000 retumbo varget h4350 and H4831sc the last week or so I got a 8 pounder of H4831 yesterday
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    Looking for 300 WSM ADG brass

    So I messaged him and asked why I didn’t get a notification and he said the notification list was more people than available brass and it just notified the top of the list. He said it all sold out in 90 seconds so it didn’t get through the list
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    6.5 Creedmoor Powder Recommendations?

    H4350 pops up weekly on powder valley and midsouth. Get on the discord app, it’s one of the most common powders I see
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    300 WSM

    That’s pretty short, you’d be taking up a lot of the case capacity to fit a 215 Berger in that box
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    What do yall do for side income?

    My work is slammed in the winter I usually work 60 hours a week but during the summer I work the 11-7 night shift and do fishing charters and commercial fish during the day. I also have a rental property which I maintain, I just got a plow for my truck to clear all the parking spots and ended...
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    Ammo and Powder Storage

    It’ll be fine
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    Quitting Alcohol

    I don’t know how I missed this entire thread till today. I’m in the same boat as ZAP, ones to many a thousand is never enough. I have zero confusion today, if I decide to use it’ll take me to the same place it always has, jails institutions and death and I’ve visited all 3. I’ve been with my...
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    MEAT your maker Chamber Vac

    Do you know if it’s an air pump or oil?
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    Pellet smoker problems

    I have a campchef and it’s been ok, good for smoking briskets or steaks before I sear them on the grill. I think the highest I’ve ever seen it in the summer was 425 and in the winter it struggles to maintain 325, I usually do all my grilling on the Weber now. For smoking on low I have trouble...
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    Hanging game meat in cooler

    I have a commercial beverage fridge I set up for dry aging with controllers for temp and humidity, I kept it at 35-37 degrees and 80% humidity. I did 5 or 6 in it this year, I’d hang outside the first night or two, skin then wait another day or so then break down into quarters and make a...
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    Vortex to Kowa

    Leupold and Vortex aren’t in the same ballpark as Kowa. Kowa can hang with the big dogs all day. I spent a couple days comparing the Swaro ATX 85 vs the Kowa 88 and I ended up with the Kowa. The Meopta S2 is another very nice spotter to consider that punches well above its price point