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    Wiser precision tripod head

    I'm still a big fan of mine.
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    Glassing pad options

    I use a Z-seat a lot, but agree with @mj23polaris that an Alps pad cut to three or four sections is great in snow or general bad weather.
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    When/why did people begin starting sentences with 'so?'

    I don't want to overstate the day to day difficulty of my chosen profession, but your day doesn't sound half-bad to me. Maybe take a Midol before you get started in the mornings? I'm mostly ball-busting here, but of all the annoying trends, the one that bugs me the most is all the complaining...
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    What over the counter medication?

    Ibuprofen and Bendryl as mentioned. I also carry a couple of Aspirin for headaches, and something like Unisom to help make sure I sleep at night.
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    Go to sleeping pad?

    I avoided getting an XTherm for a long time because I was worried about it being too noisy. I tried a lot of pads - inflatable, self inflating, and even CCF as a standalone. Tried the Ether Lite a lot of guys like and felt like it left a lot to be desired especially for the weight. Finally broke...
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    Arco tripod head- Jim White 2.0 vs Wiser nighthawk

    No, I haven't had any issue with memory using my binos.
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    Arco tripod head- Jim White 2.0 vs Wiser nighthawk

    I haven't used the Outdoorsman, but bought the Wiser toward the end of last year. We don't do a ton of glassing where I hunt, but using it during late season and throughout this spring, I love it with binos. Haven't put a spotter on it because I don't have much need for one, so I can't speak to...
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    Water Purification System

    When it was time to replace my Sawyer Mini after a freeze and potential compromise, I ended up with a BeFree which is a soft bottle with a screw-on filter. I like the simplicity of it a lot, and it seems to do about the same as the Sawyer Mini as far as flow rate. That little soft bottle, like...
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    Deer Hunting in East Tennessee

    I don't know about Knox county, but in actual East TN all the deer were wiped out by CWD and COVID. Y'all stay away.
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    Leupold Bx-4

    I like mine for the same uses you've described, and was able to find them for just under $400 new. I don't think that deal exists any more, but you might get lucky if you're patient. In addition to what others have said, I love the ergonomics of the open hinge design as well as the relatively...
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    Sold SG R3 5900

    Appreciate the interest, but the last Kifaru I had I just couldn’t make work for me.
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    Sold SG R3 5900

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    Ultralight Camp Set up

    I use a BRS stove and and a 650 ml pot - I’ve cooked in the pot and have come to the conclusion that it will never look clean again. But I haven’t gotten sick continuing to use it, so there’s that.
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    Best Pants Under $100

    What's the noise level like on the Ferrosi pants? I always assumed they were a softshell type fabric and probably pretty "swishy."