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    Elk101, treeline academy... etc

    In the same boat as you @heatstroke18. I'll be diving into Elk 101 coming up in the spirng. Kifarucast had a pretty good podcast with Roe #315 they dive into some really good tactics and critiques to get you thinking about different strategies. I might get the elk collective if I find out I drew...
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    New Nock On Release - Back Strap

    I think this fits perfect in the industry, big name along with reputable manufacturer. I'm sure it will be a hot seller, but maybe not at the price point. Great way to get more folks aligned with shooting tension (better skill, better shooters). I heard he was designing a wrist release, but...
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    These would be sweet to try out, ive been eyeing them
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    Sharpening Broadheads

    Tried sharpening my magnus black hornets this year using some Japanese Whetstones 250, 1000, 6000 grit stones and surprisingly they worked pretty well! it was difficult to get the angle just right...
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    New to Archery

    I will echo what has been said above, all great advice. I'm about year 4 into the rabbit hole and would have completely changed the way I started archery. Don't worry about hunting right now unless you can get a friend to get you on some pigs or something. Lessons I learned: - Research before...
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    FIRST DIY String Replace any help appreciated

    @fatlander you make a good point! I can make that change, cut down on time wasted @OR Archer oh shit you're right, I built a draw board for that reason exactly. I left that part out. Now cam lean I'm not too familiar with but I think that video in bullet 4 addresses how to help lean by yoke...
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    Bitz, I don't go through a lot of arrows either, but the ease and information out there is nonparallel to any other brand. Its also rock solid. Ask your local shop for any used ones or check Archerytalk, they are frequently posted
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    FIRST DIY String Replace any help appreciated

    @fatlander @rodkazempour Good point with the strings one set at a time! My thought process with the rest, is if I can tune it with a whisker biscuit then I'll know im in the ball park since there is a lot more going on with a Hamskea. What do yall think?
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    FIRST DIY String Replace any help appreciated

    Just want to make sure Im on the right track? Anything yall would change or advise about before hand?
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    FIRST DIY String Replace any help appreciated

    I really appreciate all the content that has been put out there, I have been thumbing through a lot of it in prep of replacing my strings and tuning my bow. I am in all forms of the word a novice when it comes to DIY work on bows. Although I have really wanted to dive deep into the world of...
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    Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Vs. Trinity hunter

    I just bought a versa for my bow! But I was hard pressed to get the trinity. I dont think you can go wrong with any of these rests. Hamskea tops all others from what I have read and watched.
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    Switching up broadheads I think....Suggestions?

    Magnus Black hornet, true Cut on Contact
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    Portable bow press opinions?

    Synunm. Back when I called Landcaster, they pointed me toward Synunm. Love it so far and easy to press my bow to do the work I need to
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    First Whitetail

    Got my 1st Whitetail (1st bow kill too)!! Out on a public land maintained food plot, right around last light. I'm still in process of accumulating hunting gear, but made a ground blind set up. Shot about 30-35 yrds (dont have a rangefinder yet - just ordered one!) Shooting a 1026 PSE Premonition...
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    What's your Whitetail snack of choice!

    Let's hear what your go to snack of choice while going through those short or long sits! Healthy or not doesnt matter. Also when do you choose to start snacking For me, I'm a sucker for a small bag of gummies or chocolate, paired with protein bar, peanuts/almonds. I try and eat a little after...