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    Oregon Jackson County Cali Bighorn Sheep dead head found.

    way cool find and in an unknown habitat. very interested in what ODFW has to say about it???
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    30 Nosler +P 2.0

    Congratulations! Very nice looking bear.
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    WTS 30 nosler ammo

    Does this include empty brass?
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    30 Gibbs

    No Gibbs info but have a 30/06 AI and another being barreled currently. Shoot 165-190gr bullets out of ours currently.
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    Scored a rifle thats been on my list

    Nice find! We have 2 in our safe and 1 model 100 all 308. Want one in 358 to go with the others
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    Sold 6mm Creedmoor rifle for sale - Short Action Customs

    Nice rifle! Awaiting a 243AI currently or might be on this one. What velocities you get running the 108?
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    Another broadhead thread - iron will vs ???

    Thanks, but I sold mine. Just more upkeep than I wanted to include in my hunting season. Maybe I will use IW again but I want to explore some more options.
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    Another broadhead thread - iron will vs ???

    Had IW solid 100gr for 2 seasons. Flew ok for me. Bit I live on the coast and the upkeep was unreasonable for me. Rusted after any morning fog or rain. I did have the oil kit they offer. And used it every weekend. Not sure what I'm going to use this year. Might go back to strykers. Looking at...
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    pack weight

    Does that weight mean your packing 10 days of water? Seems quite high.
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    My New .280AI

    Great looking rifle
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    Suppressor questions …thunder beast ultras

    I have been wondering this exact same thing. To me the 5" would be great for hunting. Small compact and still quieter than standard or braked rifle.
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    Rifle scopes you'd love to see Form test

    Has the zeiss v6 3-18 been tested? Or another v6 model?
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    The Road to Brooks Range Dall Sheep!

    Very nice looking display of your ram
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    6.5PRC vs 280AI

    My buddies have 6.5 PRCs. I have the 280AI. Two elk down with the 6.5s. Dead, but quite a bit of meat damage. I have killed 3 elk with my 280AI with 140gr accubonds 3150fps, I have 3 other loads so far just for reference..... 180gr Berger 2830fps 168 LRAB 2900fps 4831sc 168gr LRAB 2985-3035...