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  • I'll take it if you give me like a 3 day money back guarantee just in case. Shoot me an email and we'll get the payment and shipping stuff taken care of.
    [email protected]
    CC11-- It works well. I have no issues ranging deer, etc out to 700+m and then I switch to 'area' mode to get out further than that. I would recommend for 600+ that you put it on something steady or post up on a rest like you would if you were shooting. I used a small joby gorilla pod and had great luck.

    Ill sell it for $100 plus $10 to cover shipping/insurance to wherever you are. So $110 paypal gift if you are intersted.

    LRF is in great condition no scratches on any lenses. It is a Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC that has 7x mag. It is an older model that takes 9v batteries. It has a retractable nikon 'leash'. It is model year 2009 and I've been the sole owner.

    If you are interested I'm willing to listen to offers.
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