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    Kinetic wood splitter vs USA made hydraulic

    I have a old SpeeCo 22 ton from when they were made In USA. Not sure where they are made these days. It has Horizontal and Vertical splitting which is nice for the big rounds. It’s a tow behind which I like for the quad or the tractor. It’s also light enough to muscle around by hand when...
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    Do you believe in ghosts

    That would be the one I would shoot without a tag! Imagine how much the horn would sell for to all those crazy Chinese guys who want the never ending hard on.
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    Hunting Efficiently with RedKettle, give a welcome & win!

    Robby, is there enough length in the sling when opened up fully to wrap it around elbow for off hand shooting support like a leather Latigo sling? What is the weight of the sling? Where are they made? Looked on web site but it did not have these specs listed.
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    Mule Deer Head Stolen Off Mtn

    Best part of the article was the guy shooting his rifle through the tent at “bear”. No visual of said bear but shot anyway and heard it run off sounding like a Clydesdale. That is some funny stuff, probably was a cow rubbing on his tent.
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    Mule Deer Head Stolen Off Mtn

    Damnit, too late for @Billy Goat meme! What did I miss?
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    White Sulphur Springs, MT or surrounding area

    how was the hunt?
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    Electrical Contractor Opportunities for Son

    Mountain Power. Based out of Idaho. Contracted in ID, MT and WY. Who knows where he will work but it will be building and replacing lines, poles etc in the interior west.
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    Patagonia donated to fight climate change

    The Powslayer jacket has been one of the best ski shells I have found to date.
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    Yellowstone Buffalo verse Pitbull

    Mess with the bull, you get the horns!
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    Flat top grill

    That’s what we do. It’s a cast iron griddle that goes over half of the propane grill. Also have a nice Lodge cast iron griddle that goes over two of burners on the island cook top for inside. Blackstones look very nice.
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    New 56mm Swaro spotter

    I got the link to the new Swaro Compact a few weeks ago from SCI. Wish I never even opened the link. Now wanting one to free up more space and weight from the 65 STS. Oh the weakness of being a gear whore…
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    White Sulphur Springs, MT or surrounding area

    There is a new App from Bridger Aerospace called FireTrac. it is real time wildfire tracking across the whole country. It is a great resource for those of us that live, work and play in the mountains
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    Money Spent?

    Wanna buy a sweet pair of Braska binos?
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    Money Spent?

    The amount of money spent on crappy gear that got little use is the worst. I have a couple tubs of shitty knives, crap scopes, binos, optics etc. money down the drain. I have been purging (trying to give away) the crap lately jic I kick the bucket that my wife isn’t stuck with bIns of cheap junk...
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    Was leaving the hunt worth it?

    ^^ I agree with all this. Plus there are not many young men who will even work in Bozeman / Belgrade anymore, outfitting or guiding. The pay is crap. Construction pays way more, hell Taco Bell pays more. The outfitters money seems to be taking tourists into the park on day horse back rides...