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    What's your favorite caliber?

    7-08, 260 Rem, 257 Roberts
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    Cold weather hunting pants

    Kryptek Vellus is vesatile for cold weather hiking or setting. For extreme cold, while sitting in a stand or blind all day, Aegis bibs.
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    Wyoming mulies, any luck yet.

    Tough hunting for muleys, in my area this year, in contrast to last year. I was looking to beat the buck I tagged last year, but all I found were dinks, 2x2s and 3x3s. On 10/10, I decided to take a decent whitetail if the chance arose. Saw a beauty main frame ten, with stickers and lots of junk...
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    If you could only have one pack

    I have a Pop Up 28 and love it for NE whitetail day hunts, and when pronghorn hunting out west. It's built like a tank, has a very slim profile and is an adequate meat hauler. I also have a Sawtooth 45 and love it as well. It's a more capable meat hauler than the PU 28, and I use it when hunting...
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    Kryptek's new Kilisia Sleeping Bags

    Then why do they put them in bibs and coveralls?
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    Wyoming mulies, any luck yet.

    I have a flight out on Thursday as well. I'll be hunting a private ranch starting on 10/9, after scouting the day before and looking things over. Temps supposed to start dropping on the 9th. Glad I pushed my hunt back a week! Good Luck to all!
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    Misfire in Kimber 84M

    I had this issue with one of my 84M Montanas just this past spring. I called Kimber. They act dumb, like it's the first time they're hearing about this issue. Funny enough, they offer to send out a stiffer spring to correct your problem for about 10 or 12 bucks. They will not send it free of...
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    Lever gun caliber

    A Savage 99 in 308Win, 300Sav, 250Sav, 284Win, 358Win
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    Tips for Glassing Terrain

    This is a very useful but often overlooked bit of advice.
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    Talk me out of a Nightforce NX8 1-8x10

    If I had to put a heavy NF on a Montana, I would opt for the 1-8X24, since it is the lightest of the 3 choices, though still much heavier than I prefer. But durability is your #1 concern, and they certainly are that. Also, 8X is all I need since I don't shoot game much beyond 300
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    Pros/Cons of Folders for Game Processing

    I prefer my fixed blades, but an edc Griptillian has saved the day when I forget my preferred blade at camp. It did a fine job. Clean up was a bit more involved, but with an old toothbrush, it wasn't terrible.
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    Spotting Scope preference

    Agreed. Plus angled is more susceptible to rain and snow falling on the ocular. The only time I would prefer an angled scope would be if the majority of my glassing was sharply uphill.
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    Daypack / Meat haul with some pockets

    Since you say it's to be a 100% daypack, I'd highly recommend the Pop Up 28. It's a great little size that's built like a tank, and 50-60# is no problem at all. I also have a Sawtooth 45, and that same 50-60 is a bit more comfortable on the Guide Light MT frame. For organization, you could go...
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    Kryptek's new Kilisia Sleeping Bags

    Point taken. But not everybody counts grams and ounces either. And you're right. It certainly is a cost saving measure. As stated, I'm sure many would pay a premium if given the choice. They could at least offer them in a few garments in the line. Options are a good thing.

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