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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    Positive: Painted the fence with my 6 year old. This whole deal is a reminder to teach my boys to be more self reliant. I’m also down almost 7lbs and have been doing cardio consistently knowing getting sick is coming and want to be in the best spot possible. For first responder related issues...
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    Talk me out of a 6x42 fixed scope.

    Trimming the fat on some of my hunting gear and found a great deal on a fixed 6x42 scope. When I look back on the majority of my hunting a fixed 6 would have been perfect. I leave my scopes on 5 or 6x anyway. I imagine getting a good zero may be harder but what do y’all say about getting a good...
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    Tourniquet Recommendations

    Get a CAT. I’ve seen them work a ton as a street cop. On my backcountry hunts I carry a CAT, combat gauge, pack of chest seals. The CATS if stored properly do not expire though heat and sunlight can degrade the plastic.
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    Positive: Since I’m in a work group likely to get exposed in the next few weeks/month I have gotten off my ass and dropped 5lbs this week and cleaned up my diet. Also making sure to get good sleep and stay on top of my allergies. (I’m normally healthy but a month rotation to 4-2a always kicks my...
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    Positive news: I’m on the ground in Central Texas and the actual cases tested is so extremely low I’m positive the actual infection rate is 100x reported if not more. I.e We took a guy 2 days from Washington with a fever and cough to ER and they advised him to go home no test. I think this is...
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    What are your thoughts on the Kung Flu?

    enforced by who? I’m on the ground in this mess and we aren’t taking 60% of the violators to jail as it is.
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    What are you paying for fuel?

    1.71 for 87 in Central Texas.
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    What is the best sub $400.00 Rifle stock.

    AG composites does a 25% discount for gun builders. Maybe your gunsmith will pass on the discount. Mine did.
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    What Camo Pattern for Turkey?

    Bass pro/cabelas makes a green 3D leafy jacket. It blocks the bugs and is awesome camo. About $50 and you can wear whatever underneath.
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    AG Composite

    overall length and forearm width is larger. For a short action, short barrel, I’d go privateer. For a long action with a 24 inch barrel the sportsman is great.
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    AG Composite

    My custom 280 in AG Composites Sportsman. Short wait time. Awesome stock. Rifle is a tack driver.
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    Sleeping Bag for Larger Person I’m 6’3 200 and really like this bag. It has a wide toe box and gills to zip open that make it feel roomy. I got mine for 250 or something on sale.
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    WTS Short Ovis Kestrel Knife

    Short Ovis Kestrel Knife. Cleaned a few birds and carried on several hunts. $80 shipped.
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    Sitka Rant - disappointed

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. I’ve had a Patagonia down sweater (thin outer shell/down insulation) for 7 years. I’ve worn it non stop when it’s cold including probably 50-60 days under ballistic armor and gear. Let’s call it 300 days easy. Every day I’ve had it on I’ve carried a full size...