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    Sold Wild edge steppladder

    PM sent
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    WTB Loc On Windwalker tree stand

    I saw this add on a NJ forum. Bunch of Loc ons for sale.....maybe you can work something out. NJ Woods and Water
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    WTS WTS a bunch of Stone Glacier Items

    I'll take the rain cover. PM sent
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    WTS Kuiu, Scent Lok

    Did the Kuiu sell?
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    Has anyone bought Used boots? I just picked these up and am pretty happy with them after about 20 training miles. They're on the stiff side but rotate between these and crispi summits
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    What liner socks are you using?

    Keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for the info so far
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    Best Climbers

    Treewalker x 2
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    Superfeet Insoles now on Amazon Prime Wardrobe

    Thanks for the heads up
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    Weighted Pack for Working Out Question

    I taped up a #50 bag of feed corn so it's slightly oblong, not as square. It seems to work fine strapped onto the SG load shelf.
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    New rule for posting in the classifieds

    Been lurking for some time now. I've had good transactions before but totally understand.
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    Understanding Mountain Thermals

    Good informative post Thanks
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    Elk Calling/Hunting Podcast Series!

    Looking forward to tuning in.