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    Everyday sock recommendations

    Everyday I wear first Lite compression sock. When hunting it’s darn tuff. Mark
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    Bino Harness?

    Love my AGC harness!
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    Best Ultralight Tent

    Take a look at big angus copper spur 2. Lots of room for you and gear plus has fast fly option. I love this set up. Mark
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    How much are you reasonably willing to spend on hunting each year?

    Your looking at $5000 minimum. Because there’s that time where you think “ok I’m done, I got it” then you partner calls and says oh man you gotta have this or that and it’s areal game changer!, then your screwed. It’s more money, But that’s half fun isn’t it!! I so ready to go hunting. Mark
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    Keeping Rifle accessible with Trekking poles

    I used a gun bearer this year and loved it! Works great. Mark
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    Moffat 2018 recap

    Amazing season!
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    Holy Sheep!

    Damn nice ram!
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    First Ram

    Congratulations!, Nice ram, great story
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    OFFICIAL 'Sheep Show' 2019 Thread

    I’ll be there!!
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    Puffy Recommendations

    Feathered Friends Helos jacket. 900 down fill, and weighs 18.oz Love mine. Perfect for glassing. Mark
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    What puffy are you guys using?

    Feathered friends Helos all the way
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    Whatever it takes

    Great story! Congratulations
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    Whatever it takes

    Beautiful sheep, Congratulations!
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    WTS , SWFA SS 3-15x42