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    Kryptek Bora Pants.

    It is for sure the same. The bora has a little different feel on the inside, almost fleeced, and isn’t seam sealed, otherwise they are identical. The bora set has been really good to me. I don’t carry additional rain gear and have never missed it. The bora pants are a little warm for early...
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    Sold Berger 210 VLD Hunting

    I've got one guy who already inquired about all 3. If he doesn't take them, I'll put you next in line for a single box.
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    Sold Berger 210 VLD Hunting

    I have 300 Berger 210 VLD Hunting bullets in unopened boxes. I bought them a couple weeks ago when I couldn't find the bullets that I normally shoot. I found some of my typical hunting bullet, so I will sell these for what I paid. $70/box plus shipping.
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    Sold Hornady Precision Hunter 7mm Rem Mag 162gr ELD-X Ammo

    I have 2 boxes of Precision Hunter 162 ELD-X. I bought them a few weeks back, but sold the gun and no longer need them. Only asking what I paid. $120 plus shipping for both boxes.
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    WTB KRG Bravo 700 LA Stock

    One more try before I order one
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    WTB KRG Bravo 700 LA Stock

    I am looking for a KRG Bravo stock for a Remington 700 long action? Anybody have one collecting dust?
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    Sold 6.5 PRC Ammo for 300 PRC Ammo

    I have some factory 6.5 PRC Precision Hunter that I would like to trade for 300 PRC factory ammo. I also have some 6.5 brass that I would be willing to trade for 300 brass.
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    Kryptek discount Code

    Check Black Ovis and Sportsmans Warehouse. Each have them on sale with select sizes in stock.
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    WTS Kudu Point Broadheads

    I’ll take them. Pm inbound.
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    WTS WTS: BNWT Eddie Bauer horizon guide chino 38x36

    I’ll take them. PM inbound.
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    WTB Bowmaster Portable Bow Press

    I’d like to purchase a bowmaster bowpress with the split limb brackets. If anyone has one they would like to sell, let me know before I order a new one!