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    Boot size goes up with age?

    12-13 in HS/College. Now a 14 Wide.
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    Mobile Elk Hunting Rigs !!

    My kinda guy that wants to put a lift kit on a homemade camper.:p
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    Man dressed as grizzly

    2 IDOTS.
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    Grizz Sidearm

    Glock 30SF stuffed with 11 rounds of .45 SUPAH!!!!!!!! 255gr. hardcast BuffaloBore. Just gotta penetrate that noggin.
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    Giant Utah Droptine Buck

    very Kewl !!!!
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    WTS Salomon quest 4d gtx size 13

    yep, they are very narrow. I ordered a wide and I couldn't even get my foot IN the shoe.
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    "The Zombie Buck" Trail cam pic of a buck with a hole in his side

    Varmint bullet/ballistic tip.
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    Randy Ulmer 2019

    He needs some Darn Tough crews.
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    Failing marrige

    Been there, done that. Time is your friend. NOT the end of the world.
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    Pre-season Scares

    I missed a CO Elk hunt back in the day due to a broken bow. This was before the internet (yes, I'm old) and it took a few weeks to get a new pair of limbs ordered and installed. It was a Proline Ltd. ,,,,limb just popped on me about 3 days before I was to leave.
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    Making my .308 better

    NO flies on that Ruger. Slap a VX3 Leupold on it and call it done.
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    Used Tacoma

    Tacomas are a hell of a truck, just too small for my likes. I do love a Tundra.
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    HH Rain gear

    I lived in a HH 3/4 length Impertech for 10 days once in AK. Good stuff.
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    Used Tacoma

    I've never once said "man I need a smaller truck"
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    Used Tacoma

    The Tacomas I've had - room for 2 adults and 2 canned drinks.