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    Vehicle Advice (Do I Need a Truck?)

    Truck/not absolutely necessary. 4WD is pretty much a must for me, it gets real muddy down here.
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    Critter attacks in camp

    Had a Brown Bear sniff my face through the tent in the pitch black early on AM. Literally in my Face. Other than that, mice and spiders.
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    How many here own hunting property?

    I've had acess to "family" land for quite a while how, 52 acres w/deer and turkey. Looks like a divorce is about to screw that up.
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    Meateater is Woke

    Understood, Comprehended and fully Agree with BaxterB. Is it an actual problem that there aren't enough Bros and Homies hunting? SMH.
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    Bear hindquarter / ham

    Sounds like Crock Pot meat to me. Onions, Potatoes and Carrots or BBQ Sauce.
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    Vortex or Leupy small scope

    Very, Very Nice.
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    Will Idaho be This Week???

    "Not Selected", Go Figure.
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    Barbary Sheep

    Me too, if I can ever draw a tag!!!
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    Vortex or Leupy small scope

    hey 67Bronco, you got a pic of your Bronco???? I love old Iron 4x4's
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    Vortex or Leupy small scope

    I've always been a Leupold guy but lately have purchased Vortex Binos and a Red Dot that impressed me. The only thing that bothers me with their scopes is they look bulky and have a bunch of knobs and crap sticking out all over the place. I like those slim, sleek Leupolds.
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    Ticks on a bear hide

    Ticks and Fleas must be on an upswing here in the S.E. I've never seen them so bad, so early.
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    Meds for longer back country stays

    I don't seem to need my psychotrophic meds when I'm in the woods.
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    243 Win bullets

    LIke others have said, Interlocks and Partitions for me in the 100gr. Killed a bunch of stuff with both, no problems
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    Will Idaho be This Week???

    I sure could use an early hunt.....Aug/Sept.
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    Minimalist boots

    Bought my son some Altama maritime shoes that look interesting. And Ironically, they're not waterproof.