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    Seek Outside Lanner Testing & Review

    Waiting game is over, pack showed up yesterday. The quality is top notch. It’s a bit bigger then I thought but still compressed down enough to use as a large day pack. Still trying to figure out how I want to have the compression straps, I’m probably over complicating it. There are some webbing...
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    Cowboy bedroll

    The canvas cutter ones look good. Especially if sleeping in the back of the truck, I think there was s rockslide video or review on them
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    Seek Outside Lanner Testing & Review

    I have been debating on a new pack for over a year. My new job, the company will pay for it through one of the benefit programs. I finally just ordered the lanner. Now the waiting game.
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    Badlands Vario

    I’d read a reply by their staff, on their site, saying by the end of the month. Looks like a good option. Depends on price point I guess.
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    SG eco 3300 vs solo 300?

    Is there a difference in the bags? I might be picking up an evo fame, and was wondering about the bags. I like the internal spotting scope pocket on the solo. But if the evo has it I would just get that bag. Also if I put a solo on the evo frame, with lid would I get, the sky lid or evo lid? Thanks,
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    Do you vest? Insulated or non insulated?

    I rock a windproof, soft shell vest all the time. Sometimes over just a long sleeve or T-shirt or over my wool sweater. It’s similar to the jet stream. I love it
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    Daypack options in Canada

    There’s also a mystery ranch dealer in Alberta and great north precision sells mystery ranch as well, they are in kewlona. Precision optics would be my choice. The best service you can get.
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    Vortex dimond back vs bushnel legend m

    Out of those 2 I would go with which ever one seems brighter and clearer to your eyes, and which everyone fits your face better. For me it would be the bushnells. I have the bushnell elite, and I prefer them to diamondbacks.
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    Help me decide on Bora 80,osprey,ute

    I have a bora 80, it can fit mike deer quarters. It carries weight very well and is bomb proof. As long as it’s one of the made in Canada ones they are awesome packs. I’m going to be ordering a seek outside brooks pack, but only because my bora is to big for me. I bought it at a thrift store...
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    kowa tsn 601

    That’s the setup I was think of going with. I still think I may save up and go with the 66 though. The vanguard works for now
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    kowa tsn 601

    I’ve been looking at this scope as well. Mainly because of the eyepiece options. Anything you would compare it too? I currently have the 65mm vanguard. I’d really like a 66mm kowa, but it’s quite abit more.
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    Spotter or no? Poll

    I would use mine more if I had s wide angle fixed power eyepiece. My 65mm vanguard is great, but sometimes the eye relief isn’t quite right. On max power my eyeball had to touch the eyepiece. I think a 60 or 66mm kowa is in the cards for me eventually. With both a variable and fixed eyepiece...
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    Seek outside internal load shelf?

    Thanks everyone for the info, and pics. Pretty much what I imagined. I will definitely be ordering a brooks pack. Just need to get a pay check or two first. Moving and changing jobs uses up a lot of money. Who knew.
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    Seek outside internal load shelf?

    How exactly would that work with the brooks pack? I’m pretty sure I know what you mean, is there any pics?
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    Pack on a budget

    Hey man, there is no room for reason and honesty on the internet. Just kidding, good post!