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    Tripod recommendation for Binos only

    I use a monfrotto be free tripod with the be free fluid head. Works great for my binos, and can hold a 65mm spotter. Got it on sale too.
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    Leupold service question

    I sent an old m8 to Korth, for a similar reason. I left instruction in the box I shipped it in to just clean it if possible. They did exactly that, and purged and resealed the scope. No charge. Very easy process. Excellent company to deal with.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Tire guy. I change and repair tires from 4” gate tires to 63” earthmover tires. Mainly field work. Not glamorous at all but it bought a house and pays the bills.
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    Puffy vest or jacket

    Puffy jacket for sure But I’m a huge fan of a light weight, windproof vest. Really helps keep the chill out, without getting hot. Can layer over or under just about anything as well. I always have one with me year round.
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    Vanguard vs Vortex?

    Maybe you got a really good diamondback? The 65mm diamondback I tested before I got the vanguard hurt my eye and seemed kind of fuzzy, no matter how I focused it. It was very faint but still there. My vanguard isn’t phenomenal, but in the price range to me it was the clear winner. Everyone’s...
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    Hawke Endurance ED vs Vanguard Endeavor HD 20-60

    Also interested in this. The wide angle fixed power eyepiece for the hawk is making me want to sell my vanguard 65mm and switch to the hawk.
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    Wide angle eyepiece for vanguard spotter

    I’d like to confirm that. Vanguard never got back to me when I contacted them. As good as the vanguard is, if funds allowed I’d be switching to a kowa with both the zoom and fixed eyepiece. I could almost afford the 60mm but I’d really like the 66mm. Super nice glass. To bad my bathroom...
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    Seek Outside Pack Out Experiences

    I’m also interested in SO packs. Mainly the unaweep 4800. How does it handle packing quarters? Inside the bag? Strapped to the back? Bone in or out?
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    Anyone used chemical bodywarmers in their bag?

    Make sure your careful. I got a weird chemical burn on my nutsack from one. Sleeping in just boxers, then I got cold so I threw in a body pad. Somehow ended up in my boxers, must have split open. True story.
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    Best spotter under $1,000?

    If I was in the market I would be looking at this. Maybe get a wide angle fixed power eyepiece later on.
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    I have some sort of liner glove I think, not sure of the brand. They are not waterproof but pretty good for wind. Then I have a really good pair of fingerless wool gloves. With the liners being breathable this combo works well for most situations. I also have a pair of OR mits that are warm and...
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    Hill People Gear modular pack frame

    Looks like yet another choice to add to the confusion of pack buying. I really like what I see in HPG. I just wish this stuff wasn’t so expensive.
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    Which Bino harness and why....

    I have an AGC kiss pack. I like the full coverage, and the lack of magnets. Plus it doesn’t have an bunch of extra pockets. It is comfortable to wear as well. It would fit the 10’s but I don’t think it would fit the 12’s.
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    Starting from scratch

    Good wool pants and wool sweater. Look for army surplus. Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right weight, but these will keep you warm and comfy and quiet.
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    Alaskan Guide Creation

    I keep 3 rounds in my agc kiss. All of my rifles have floor plates. May be time for a change, now that I think about it. All my rifles are heavy, blued steel and walnut.