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  • Premier is a hunt broker, and will help you the entire way. I would highly recommend premier to help find a hunt for you. let me know if you have any questions and i will try and help as much as i can. My buddy is hunting elk in MT next year with Montana Whitetails. They are in Livingston MT.
    i included a link to Dan's gallery. I went last year 1st rifle season and saw triple the number of elk. I was there when that big elk(first one in the gallery was shoot). I almost had a shoot at one the same size. We chased it down the mountain, probably 3/4 mile and I only had about 5 second to get set up to shoot. I booked my hunt through http://www.premierhuntingadventures.com/ Larry has a bunch of good hunt
    I hunted with Rocking R ranch in Norwood Colorado, it is the SW corner of the state. I have actually hunted there twice, and I am going back this fall. Dan Reardon is the owner and has a great group of guides. The first year I hunted 2nd rifle season so that I could also hunt mule deer. 2nd season elk is for bull only, this was in 2016.

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