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    What knife does everyone carry?

    Beautiful knife! Here is my Monday EDC.
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    PhoneCam still in business??

    (tines up) Scopecam is awesome. Reggie had a ATX phone adapter over to me within 2-3 days of purchasing. Great customer service and a solid product..
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    Scam alert - MT hunting outfitter

    wow this is insane.. What did the sheriff and fish & game have to say? were they much of assistance? 150k is a lot of money, im surprised the feds haven't got involved in this.
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    arca-swiss/spartan precision adapter

    Yea I hear ya, however from a durability stand point all integrated would be the way to go.. universally the post only is clearly the best option. Pick your poison I suppose
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    arca-swiss/spartan precision adapter

    Yes, definitely would be something worth making. I came up with a 3D printed model for this exact request, very solid. I hope you guys make this into production, because I will buy into it without a doubt. Q - are you going to make the post only, or have plans to machine a arca plate...
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    Sold Bradley Kydex Cheek Rest

    Yea it’s still available! I’ll PM ya
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    Mora Knives for Hunting?

    I have a more knives than I like to admit.. End of the day, Morakniv is pretty darn hard to beat.. I have a garberg, kansbol, companion, bushcraft black, robust, classic no1, eldris.. you name it.. The morakniv community is full of wonderful people, and the knives show it.
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    Dog names

    Marshall - F2 Goldendoodle.
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    Sold Looking for a Swaro ATM 65 HD

    Sold to @Brightwhite
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    Sold Swarovski STX 25-60x65mm

    interested, pm'd!
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    Sold Looking for a Swaro ATM 65 HD

    i have a ATM-65 with 20-60 eyepiece i might be interested in selling.. Ill send you a PM!
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    Kestrel Knives

    They should be! the website doesn’t get updated often and appears to be a bit stagnant..
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    WTT NL pure 8x42 for 10x42

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    Kuiu 2021 Sales

    This is why I love Rokslide and the community. Always a giving and welcoming hand to give from some folks here.
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    Kuiu 2021 Sales

    Kuiu has a lot of random sales throughout the year. I'd say the next one in the near future will be a quick labor day sale in September. A lot of great gear to choose from. Do you research and buy what you think will best suit your application/environment. Good luck Dom

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