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    Swarovski V5i vs V6i scope comparison

    Doug is THE man to talk optics with at CameralandNY...
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    Best swaro 65mm pricing?

    Yeah, what he said. Give Doug a call.
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    WTS Solo Stove Lite and Titan

    Titan is SPF...
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    WTS Solo Stove Lite

    Have a new in box Solo Stove Lite. Asking 45$ plus shipping
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    WTS Solo Stove Lite and Titan

    Solo Stove Lite SPF...
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    WTS Solo Stove Lite and Titan

    Have a couple of new in box Solo Stoves that I won't be using. Going in a different direction. Solo Stove Lite 45$ plus shipping Solo Stove Titan 60$ plus shipping
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    Kowa spotting scope

    I went with a Kowa 773. Don't even wonder if I should have gone with a Swaro/Zeiss/Leica. Call Doug at CameralandNY. They took good care of me.
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    Are Swarovski EL still a good buy

    Have the 8.5 ELs and didn't even bat an eye when the NLs came out. I also waited for a sale and had a coupon so I was closer to SLC price. Regardless, they are fantastic!
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    Kowa spotting scope question

    +1 on the 77X series...
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    Thoughts on the meopro air

    Give Doug a call. They are great to deal with.
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    Thoughts on Kuiu Pro vs Mystery Ranch?

    Have the 2300 and a Pintler. Shoot me contact info in a PM. Happy to discuss my experience. Both packs are really good for me.
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    Another swaro ats 65 or kowa 77 question

    Most of my optics come from the Swarovski house (binos/scopes) but when I went to upgrade my spotter, it was hard not to take a good look at Kowa. Bought a 77 with the 25-50 eyepiece thinking I would compare to a Swaro 65 or 80. After looking through it for several months, I see no need to...
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    couple of spotting scope questions

    Talk with Doug at Cameraland NY. Has a good selection, good prices and excellent CS. They are my go to for optics and camera gear.
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    Pentax Spotter question

    It's a shame that Pentax/Ricoh CS is gone by the wayside. Have a set of DCF-SPs I bought from Doug long ago and love them. If something happens to them may as well just toss them...