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    soft-side ice chest.

    i have had a few RTIC coolers both Hard and soft and didn't have much luck with the quality. To make matters worse the customer service was the worse i have ever seen. I wouldn't recommend them just because of the customer service... terrible, just terrible
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    Garmin Birdseye ?

    i own 3 garmin Rhino GPS. It is now time to renew my birdseye subscription and i am learning that i need to renew a subscription for each device. after doing some basic research, it seems other apps (basemap/Onx) allow me to use multiple devices with one license. As someone who has never used...
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    New Garmin Inreach Soon?

    i'm thinking the same, i saw the 66i was discontinued and i noticed the price on the garmin site to be 100 off. Garmin usually puts sales on their site when they go end of life. i just dont know when a new release will be...
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    inReach Explorer+ ($350) & Mini ($300) at Bass Pro/Cabela's May 14-27

    anyone hearing the 66i is being discontinued? if true, i would guess they should become cheaper soon as a new model is on the way?
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    Garmin Groups?

    just wondering what groups, if any, Garmin users here are members of...
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    Garmin Group?

    just wondering what groups, if any, Garmin users here are members of...
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    Gritty Podcast Kifaru vs Stone Glacier

    i think one thing that we should all agree on, this beard craze that has gone on, will be looked back upon like the mullet craze of the late 80's :)
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    WTS Garmin Fenix 6x Pro - SOLD

    How do you know which model/version this fenix 6x is? they make multiple fenix 6x pro's, so without that info what are you comparing it to?
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    Rtic softpak coolers?

    "The only thing I could complain about is I had my 20 inside a large cooler with a half gallon of ice tea in the back of my truck for 2 weeks on nf roads and from the constant smashing from jug the inside wall is now loose from the foam, it seems to still function the same it’s just sloppy...
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    Rtic softpak coolers?

    i have a few, one torn, one lost a rubber grommet, one "separated" on the inside. i tried to get customer service to help and received the worse customer service i have ever seen in my life. i would never buy anything from them again, and i try to tell everyone i know about my horrible...
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    Custom Kifaru / Alaska Guide Creations chest rig

    Also, to those hating the Kifaru Koala harness (the original X harness), I was able to use the same bino harness on the Koala, making it more of a “Hill People Gear” type of rig i'd like to see pics of that
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    WTT Large Kifaru Ranger Green Omni Belt

    would be willing to buy a small as well
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    WTT Large Kifaru Ranger Green Omni Belt

    looking to trade a unused Large Kifaru Ranger Green Omni Belt for a medium or small. Thanks