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    Anyone shooting an ILF “longbow”?

    Yes and no😁 I wanted a ILF bow so I could experiment with. I have shot it with a springy rest and off the shelf, recurve limbs and longbow limbs. The springy rest is noticeable more forgiving but I like the arrow closer to my hand so its setup off the shelf at the moment. I prefer that riser...
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    Anyone shooting an ILF “longbow”?

    Saw that too. looks good!
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    hanging up the badge and gun after 36 years

    Congratulations on your well deserved retirement!
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    Trad Tech 2.0 limbs

    Lots of good reviews on both but the wood/glass version seems to get the nod as best value. I talked to a couple people that owns them and they are very happy. So I ordered the wood/glass, should have them In about a week. I can give you some first hand knowledge then.
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    Trail cams being outlawed, thoughts?

    Well, I don’t use Go Hunt, In Reach, video recorders, Compound bows, and Xbows. Like I said I believe at some point there should be a limit on the technology we use.
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    Trail cams being outlawed, thoughts?

    This is pretty much where I stand. There has to be some limit on technology for our own good. We are constantly pushing the hunt out of hunting.
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    Trad Tech 2.0 limbs

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    Trad Tech 2.0 limbs

    Thanks, that’s what I was figuring based on what I have found out so far. It’s a riser I have already and just want to setup some back up limbs for it.
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    Trad Tech 2.0 limbs

    Anybody know how the TT 2.0 recurve limbs are rated as far as the limb bolt setting? Minimum, Middle, at the bottom? I know they rate them on a 17” riser, I’m putting them on a 15” riser and looking to get 45 lbs at 26” DL on the bottom setting.
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    All New 2022 Tundra Leaked.....

    My 2018 Tundra Crewmax has a 38 gal tank and it has been a big plus. Especially since I have to drive 2 hrs one way for any real shopping.
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    Watcha reading/listening to?

    Hard Bit Men: A Western Frontier Adventure (A Heck & Early Western Book 2)
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    THE Perfect hunting arrow

    I would definitely try the 500s also and see which setup you like best.
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    THE Perfect hunting arrow

    I would try bringing your point weight up on the current arrows to see what that will do. If you move up to the 500 spine figure out what you want up front total. Example 250 total up front, start at full length and then cut back as need to tune.
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    5 mm HIT arrows - do you really need collars?

    I have been using Easton Axis for several years and have been using the SS half outs inserts. When I switched from wood to carbons (I only own LBs and RCs) it blew me away how tough they were in comparison. So anyway I set up the carbons would be stronger than the wood arrows. The SS half outs...
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    Buds or impact guns?

    Yes! for Buds Gun Shop. I have bought 4 guns from them and shipped to Alaska.

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