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    Any reviews or opinions on the Tenzing 6000/5000 packs yet???

    I have the 5k and have it loaded with all my gear and have been hiking with it. All I can say for now is it is the best packing Pack I have owned. Plenty of room and spots for everything and it rides real well. I have had lighter packs of this size but in the end no one has produced a real...
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    2012 Mule Deer Goals

    Kill above treeline and don't come out until I do!
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    The Mule Deer Project

    Good Stuff Rokslide!
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    Guys, I am 49 and started when I was 15 yrs old. So for 34 years I have been chewing and tried numerous times to quit over that span. I will say it is very,VERY addicting and very very difficult to stop. I hope I do one day before it stops me! I was once told by an old friend " You don't have...
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    Utah Credit Card hits have started

    Yes, they hit me for $263 archery muley. Now to wait and see which Unit!
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    Kuiu, Sitka, First Lite, Core 4, Kryptek...what say you?

    All my Kuiu gear has shipped and I should have a chance this weekend to play with it some. Excited to try it out!
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    Best headlamp and/or flashlight

    I just bought two new Petzel headlamps with the wire band and they have a red light! They are brighter than the first versions I had for years.
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    Colorado Archery Season

    Hey guys out of the roughly four weeks of the archery season what timeframe to you feel is the best to plan your hunt in the high country? I always figured the early bird gets the best chance at the biggest worms! I always go on the opening week! What say you? Anybody feel any different?
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    Great New Rokslide Feature

    Good Stuff Thanks!
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    The "Scent Bomb"

    Boots on for stalking!
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    Bedded or not bedded?

    Amen BOHNTR!!!!!
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    How many arrows?

    8-9 Arrows!
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    Rokslide eMagazine

    Count me in
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    Matthews Helim & Hoyt Carbon Element RKT

    Hey Guys, I am currently shooting the Matthews Hyperlight for the last three years. I decided to head over to my Bow shop hear in PA to demo the Matthews Helim and possible buy a new Bow. I will start by saying I have NO favoritism towards any manufacture, I just look for the specs I like and...
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    What is on your gear acquistion list for this upcoming season?

    Hey Guys, really considering purchasing the Kuiu clothing. Didn't know about them until this thread was posted. Looking at the following pieces and would like some feed back from you guys that have these pieces. Hunt early season archery in CO to give you the conditions I will use this setup...

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